Surviving this quarantine with sanity can be quite hard. Everyone is shaken by the effect it has on many people, but one of the only sources of escape that most of us have today is food. But, with so many options available in the market, how do you make a good choice regarding the perfect kind of cookies to stock up on while hogging biscuits at home. The key to picking the right cookie for you, your family with old and young members residing around, is looking for specific cookies that target both their taste palates. The list of cookies below is a good example of the kind of cookies that both young and old will thoroughly enjoy. Whether its pan di stelle cookies or Cantucci cookies, you will love them all.

1. Galletti Cookies:

Galetti Cookies pay tribute to the first cookies to introduce the use of grain sugar sprinkles as a topping on the cookies. They are enjoyed for breakfast or even supper. These cookies are had with tea or coffee as well. They are also perfect for vegans as it doesn’t contain any eggs in the list of ingredients used for making Galletti cookies. If you are out on a picnic or need a snack for a quick energy boost during the day, Mulino Bianco Galletti cookies are one of the best, basic, yet simplistic cookies that one can carry in their bags, for an instant breaktime snack.

2. Cantucci Cookies:

Falcone’s Cantucci with Almond cookies are the most fragrant biscuits that Italians use in their traditional Italian desserts. They are made with top-quality selected ingredients. They are also enriched with almond oil to enhance the flavor of almonds and contain hydrogenated fats, and preservatives. It also contains the yumminess of 100% Italian cane sugar and maize flour as opposed to all-purpose flour that is commonly used to make cookies. Maize flour is a healthier option used for flour, and has a distinct flavor as well.

3. Campiello Cookies:

If Galetti Cookies were vegan friendly, Campiello cookies are starkly different in comparison, they are made using eggs as a major ingredient in the recipe. These cookies are extremely crispy and delicate, and they melt in the mouth, on contact. They are also delicious when soaked in a cup of milk or tea or coffee. They are also very light and make a great snackable cookie. They don’t have an overpowering flavor profile. The flavors are just right and very light. They make a great snack to especially have with Italian espresso beverages.

4. Shortbread Cookies:

Shortbread cookies with eggs by Campiello are extra crispy and delicate shortbread types of cookies that are a perfect breakfast cookie. If you are on a diet or are left with nothing to excite your breakfast meals, then opt to buy these shortbread cookies. They are perfect for breakfast, even though light. They keep you full and satisfied. These shortbread cookies also do have a wonderful design and can be used as a decorative piece on various cakes and cheesecakes. Or, you may also use these cookies crushed and used as a base for cheesecakes. The quarantine period is the best time to get inspired to make as many recipes as you can.

5. Mulino Bianco Pan Di Stelle Cookies:

Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle cookies are the perfect cookie to have on hand if you are especially looking for cookies that add a punch of flavor and need ones to feel young again. They are chocolate pastry biscuits that are made using cocoa and hazelnuts and have decorative sugar stars. If you are looking for a way to survive the quarantine with beautiful babies at your home, then purchasing these wonderful pan di Stelle cookies can help massively. They are the perfect biscuit to dip into a cold glass of milk.

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