The Internet is a place of opportunity. There is so much to do for anyone who is looking forward to bearing the financial load. In the age of 2020, people are more inclined towards having multiple sources of income to bear and share their load of expenses.

Side hustles are a great way to start off. Earlier it was reported 44 million of us have a side hustle in the form of a blog, online store or doing the basic errands for others. The latest survey by DollarSprout suggests about 57% of respondents have a side hustle.

Side hustle lets you do what you love and also helps in transitioning to self-employment. Some of the popular side hustles are starting a blog, making an online store, helping others start online businesses and more. Most of the side hustles need a website. Be it affiliate marketing, online store or personal consultancy. All of them require a website in place for professional operations. People are of the thought that starting a website calls for a developer or a programmer, hence a no go for them.

However, with the advancement in technology, website builders for small businesses help in creating the website using drag and drop features. This eliminates the need to hire a developer full time. You might feel the need to get assistance from a developer that you can easily outsource via Fiverr or Upwork.

Website builders play a pivotal role in taking your hobby blog, non-profit organization or your startup to a whole new level without spending a lot.

With website builders in place, side hustles are easy to execute. Some of the well-known website builders are:

There are two WordPress CMS in the field of web development. The first being free self-hosted and the later being paid website hosting service run by Automattic. I am more inclined towards which is a self-hosted platform. This is a widely used platform for side hustles. This CMS supports more than 55,000 WordPress plugins and themes to enhance the usability of the platform.

It is the renowned platform for building eCommerce websites and online stores that supports multiple responsive themes. Shopify is used by half a million online stores across the globe. It supports multiple payment providers including PayPal. If you are looking forward to selling physical products as a side hustle, then Shopify is your go-to platform.

It is among the leading website designing platform to kick off your side project. The pre-made templates and designs are best-in-class. Compared to WordPress it also has powerful blogging tools. It includes SEO tools, Analytical tools and easy integration with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The best part about Squarespace is that you can even edit your site on the go using it' powerful mobile app for editing your website.

I am sure if you are into blogging, you must have seen a lot of ads for Wix. Well, they do spend heavily on their promotion. This drag and drop builder allows you to create websites with animation, parallax and much more. Like other website builders Wix also supports mobile responsive websites.

SiteBuilder is the least known platform among this list. However, it supports hundreds of pre-built templates to start your website right away. They have an intelligence-based website builder that helps in creating a personalized website for your needs. This paid platform offers web hosting for free.

When there are more than 30 website builders, than what is holding you from kicking off your next side hustle? A website builder software has made it pretty easy to start off your next side project with ease.

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