Best Internet Marketing Strategy - Keep It Simple!

The reason I'm writing this article is because, amidst all the theories, strategies, techniques and methodologies that exist out there about internet marketing and making money online, I believe, many people have lost sight of the single most important element - Keeping It Simple!

Everywhere we turn, there is content in whatever form you want. There are millions of articles, videos, audio, books, tapes, courses, etc, all explaining the best internet marketing strategy. But really, does it have to be so complicated?

What would happen if we erased the myth or belief that internet marketing is hard or complicated from our minds? My hallucination is we would find ways and internet marketing strategies that are simple in their approach AND we would begin to see faster results.

So, here below I present to you 15 Simple Steps to Generating Income Online - A Simple Internet Marketing Strategy:

    1) Pick a Topic of Interest
    2) Go to Google Search and search for "(topic) private label ebook". Of course, enter the name of your topic between the brackets.
    3) But the private label product
    4) Get a Clickbank account
    5) Add that product you bought to Clickbank
    6) Edit the Sales Letter that came with your Private Label Product to include your payment link (affiliate link) from Clickbank
    7) Get a Domain Name
    8) Buy a Cheap Web Hosting Account
    9) Upload the PLR (private label product) package to your website
    10) Buy traffic from Google Adwords
    11) Get 1000 people to visit your site
    12) Track your Conversions (how many people actually buy out of all that visit your site)
    13) Now tweak the headline of your Google Ad and the headline of your Sales Page (on your site)
    14) Send another 1000 people to your site
    15) Rinse and repeat the steps

    Voila! There you go. A simple strategy for internet marketing and making money online that works! (if you actually do it)Of course if you are unclear about how to carry out a couple of the steps, there will be some learning and research to be
    done, BUT, no one said there would be a free lunch anywhere and BEST OF ALL you now have here is a simple strategy to internet marketing that you can use over and over and over again AND most importantly, which will work over and over again.

    Everything begins with strategy. We have strategies for everything we do in life whether we realize it or not. The difference between success and "not-success" is the strategy that is used. If you want to bake the best chocolate cake in the World, it's easy. Just go find the person who already has the most effective strategy (oops I mean recipe!), get that recipe and model it. Best part is, once you now have that one effective recipe for success, you just have to keep repeating it over and over again and you will keep on getting the best chocolate cake in the World.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that it WILL help you in your journey towards results.

    Thank you.

Author's Bio: 

Mahindra Raj is an "ex-commercial pilot turned Entrepreneur and Results Coach" whose passions include Internet Marketing and Personal Development. With these two passions and more, he helps people achieve the results the want using Effective and Efficient Strategies of Internet Marketing.