Between The Ears
“Life is a game played on a 5 inch course, the distance between your ears”
As well move into a new year, the above statement is worth remembering, only because it is true. It is adapted from a quote Bobby Jones made about golf.
I am often struck by the similarities between golf and life, and how many lessons learned through gold apply to life today.
So what is 2011 going to be for you?
To do the same thing repeatedly expecting a different outcome is, to me, the best simple definition I know for insanity.
So if you think yourself sane, and are not completely happy with your self and/or outcomes in 2010, what are you going to change, and even deeper, how are you going to make change happen? As always, just based on your own good intentions? Look at where you’re at and remember the old adage, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
Time you made a big change in the real play area, the space between your ears. Maybe you can connect that space to the space deep inside you, the space generally ignored; the niggling voice inside; that says change is needed.
Want to get into the game of life and love playing it?
Get some help. Set some goals that you really want. Find someone to hear you and act as a sounding board. Make a measurable plan. Be held accountable and be pushed. Take action and make it happen. Get that critical 5 inches turned around.
There are many reasons that individuals may want to change and many things that may impact, amongst them addictions or escape through behaviours. The results are the same including depression, lonliness, not feeling that you fit, discomfort in your own skin, never enough, relationships that are crumbling, under achieving from a financial perspective.
For most, the reason is the same. A bad personal 5 inch space and not being connected to the real you.
There are many solutions available and coaching is but one.
If you can relate to this article and want to improve your life by dealing with the five inch space, then accept that you have issues and take massive action. Whether it be coaching, a self-help group or a psychiatrist or a combination, is you can relate, please take action.
In the game of life as with the game of golf, your outcome is a direct result of what happens in that 5 inch course. (Keith,

Author's Bio: 

Keith is a Master Life Coach coaching others to succeed.