In case you’re living through your pregnancy, you’re more predisposed to anemia because of iron deficiency. In such a condition, your body is bereft of sufficient, healthy red blood cells which function in carrying enough oxygen to the different tissues in your body.
• Iron deficiency anemia in the course of your pregnancy can increase your weakness and fatigue.
• Acquire knowledge about the symptoms, risk factors and the actions you can pursue to avoid it.

Why is iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy caused?

• As per the best gynecologist in Panchkula, your body needs and makes use of iron to create hemoglobin, an idiosyncratic protein present in the red blood cells that’s responsible for carrying oxygen to your body tissues.
• When you conceive, the requirement of iron gets doubled in comparison with what a non-pregnant woman needs.
• This extra iron is needed by your body to supply additional oxygen to your baby.
• If your body hasn’t preserved or doesn’t receive sufficient iron in the course of your pregnancy, you possibly will develop anemia arising out of iron deficiency.

• Warning signs and symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, on the word of a general physician in Panchkula include:
o Chest pain
o Cold, frigid hands and feet
o Dizziness or nausea
o Fatigue
o Headache
o Irregular heartbeats
o Pale or yellowish skin
o Shortness of breath
o Weakness
• Pay attention to the fact that anemia symptoms are often identical to normal pregnancy symptoms.
• Irrespective of whether your symptoms manifest or not, you’ll be required to carry out blood tests for the purpose of screening anemia in the course of your pregnancy.
• If your telltale symptoms or high level of tiredness are wearing your down, compare notes with your health care provider at a mother and child hospital Panchkula.
Risk Factors
• Risks to contract anemia during pregnancy heightens when you:
o Avoid consuming sufficient iron
o Bear a personal/family history of anemia prior to your pregnancy
o Conceive with multiples
o Encounter an intense pre-pregnancy menstrual flow
o Experience frequent vomiting because of morning sickness
o Go through two back-to-back pregnancies
o Increased infant fatality before or after birth giving
o Postpartum depression
o Preterm birth of a low-weight baby
o Prevention of iron deficiency anemia
• According to a dietitian in Panchkula, during pregnancy, a balanced nutritious diet helps prevent iron deficiency.
• It may be noted that vital dietetic sources of iron include fish, poultry, and red meat.
• Even, breakfast cereals, dried peas and beans, and prune juice fortified with iron are included among other options.
• As a matter of fact, the iron component of animal products, for example, meat undergoes the easiest absorption.
• As for iron intake from plant-based sources and supplements, combine them with food or drink enriched with vitamin C such as lemon juice, orange juice, tomato juice, strawberries, etc.
Treatment option
If you’re pregnant, anemic, and taking prenatal vitamin tablets infused with iron, your health care provider at Paras Bliss, a leading maternity hospital in Panchkula may well recommend blood tests to ascertain several other plausible causes.
In a few situations, you might need a consultation with a hematologist who’s specialized in the treatment of blood disorders. If the results of the blood test reveal iron deficiency, complementary iron intake might be advised. The proviso that you’ve got a history of gastric bypass surgery or are incapable to put up with oral iron intake, you might be in want of intravenous iron administration.

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