We all love to eat different varieties of food. Life becomes so boring if we get to eat the same food over and over. The food which contains all nutrients and proteins in the right amount is known as a balanced diet. I am sure you would all have heard about a balanced diet. But have you ever heard about a blood type diet. Peter D’Adamo a naturopathic physician first introduced the concept of blood type diet. According to him each person’s blood group decides the type of diet he should follow. Many biochemists and glycobiologists around the world supported him and said the diet of each person should be decided by his blood group. There is much scientific evidence for supporting his theory of blood type diets.

D’Adamo says there are 13 different human races and these 13 races can be divided according to ABO blood group. He recommends a variety of diets for each of these people according to their blood group. Let us now take a look of the diet recommendations advised by D’Adamo.

•D’Adamo describes that blood group O is the group of the hunter. He estimates it as the oldest blood group, estimated to be originated around 30,000 years ago, and the individuals having this blood group should take a high protein diet.

•The people having blood group A is supposed to be the farmers or the cultivators. D’Adamo recommends that the people with blood group A should intake more fruits and vegetables. The people with blood group A which originated around 20,000 years ago were supposed to be vegetarians.

•D’Adamo says that people with the blood group B will have a flexible digestive system. They will be more immune to diseases than the others. According to him, the blood group B originated around 10,000 years ago and the people with this blood group were nomads. He proposed that people with B blood group should intake vegetables and dairy products.

•He refers the blood group AB as the enigma which is evolved only 100 years ago. The dietary requirements of this blood group will be intermediate between B and A blood groups.

There are various debates conducted across the globe regarding the blood type diets. Many researchers say that the diets according to blood are almost balanced diet and there is no harm in consuming them. Recently some companies have manufactured tablets or food materials in accordance with D’Adamo. These will be available for each blood group. According to a recently conducted research, people who are consuming these specific blood type diets are supposed to be healthier than the others. There are many websites where we can get these blood type diets at a reasonable price.

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