We all want to stay healthy and will do whatever possible to accomplish it. Many researches have been carried out to find the most apt diet for different blood type people. We humans are basically vegetarians, so regardless of blood type we are supposed to eat veggies. People with blood type O are supposed to take in more protein rich food. In our busy life with improper life styles and food habits taking balanced diet every day is not a practical thing. The solution for the problem is the blood type diets.

Blood type O is supposed to be the oldest blood group. Vegetables and fruits can be said as the perfect source for essential nutrients and proteins. For people with blood type O protein rich diets are essential. There are many sources from where protein is obtained. We all love to take in non-vegetarian food. But the fact is that the meat we eat has about 1 to 2 percent fat and a high protein to fat ratio. Fruits and vegetables are to be included as essential ingredients in our diet as it can neutralize the toxins produced by harmful acid wastes.

People with O type blood group have to take 5 to 7 different types of fruits and vegetables in daily basis. There are essential for attaining 100 plus phyto nutrients required for the human body. How many different types of foods do you intake a single day? An average man takes upto five or six types, to a maximum of ten. But do you know the Japanese takes around 30 different types of food items every day?

People with blood type O have to be concerned about their breakfast. You should never skip breakfast no matter what blood group you belong to. I am not saying to take a “king size” breakfast; but when you take it, take it properly and timely. Try to take a combination of three or four types of different vegetables. Always remember to take the fruits in its natural form that is in raw form. Freshness will be retained in fruits and vegetables in raw form. Don’t keep it open for a long time as the freshness will be lost. One of the most essential nutrients is the Lecithin as the human brain consists of about 28 % of Lecithin and it is responsible for the myelin sheath around the nerve transmission.

There are many ways we can find the best food corresponding to our blood type. The best way is to consult a dietitian. He will say what all food to take in how much amount. There are various websites which provides the information about various blood type diets, you can explore them and find the best diets corresponding to your blood type. Some software is also available in the intenet which helps us to find the food items according to blood type.

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