Be bold. I'm a kid and I'm bold. How about you? When did you stop being bold? What is the last truly bold thing you did?
Here are some of the bold things I've done, so far: ??Learned to eat food . . . Learned to crawl . . . Learned to stand up . . . ?Learned to walk . . . Learned to talk

You don't remember how hard it was to stand up or walk. It is bold and it takes time, effort, and a lot of falling down. But I did it, and you did it. It was non-optional behavior. Adults were doing it, and I was going to do it. Sure, these things took a long time to learn, and there were bruises along the way.
It seems that the bolder the action, the more work it takes, and the more rewarding the results. Walking has expanded my world and exploration. All the bold actions have resulted in life-changing personal advances.
Without bold action, there are no bold and empowering results. Without bold action, our lives stay the same, the excitement is lost, and the passion for living and growing is lost.
As kids, we are taking bold steps daily in our growth and advancement. Seeing adults taking no action is confusing to me. I don't understand it. There is so much more to do, to see, to learn, and to participate in. Why wouldn't someone take the bold steps necessary?

Fear, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, and fear of the unknown seem to be the biggest causes. Well, I fell often learning to stand and then to walk. The falls are just part of the learning and the growing. I haven't learned to worry about what the other kids are thinking. I am more interested in my own growth and potential.
I have many things I am looking forward to trying and doing. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting adventures. Are you? If not, why not? Aren't there things that you would like to do?
Life is choices. We all have the same 24 hours, we can live them boldly or not, we can engage or not, and we can expand our world or not.

Choose life and live life. Live it with bold actions doing that which you desire. Me, I am going to continue to take bold action. I hope you will also. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Is it time to live life fully? Be a kid and be bold again as you were as a kid.

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