Nutrition and physical health, especially bone health plays an important role in the bone healing process. Those who are passionate of weight-bearing exercises and addicted to intake of Vitamin D and calcium, get speedy bone healing. The healing process of broken or fractured bones depend on several variables such as nutrition and its impact on body. The long bones heal faster due to their vascular ends. Certain exercises foster and food supplements raise the blood supply to enhance the heal process. Certain mobilization or isometric exercises motivate the bone healing. Here we will talk about the nutritional supplements which are helpful in bone healing and those also, who are not suitable to bone healing. Although, Calcium has the key role in bone healing, but its intake is reliant on the absorb ability of everybody. There are some sub supplements, like Lysine which helps in calcium absorption process due to the amino acid.

It is helpful in regeneration of the bone tissues along the increase of absorb capabilities in bone matrix. Lysine also helpful in production of muscle protein that is important in speedy healing. You may get this lysine from several diets, such as yeast, fish, low fat milk, and soy. The flour of defatted soy is best in this process to gain the Lysine.

Vitamin C is another great supplement which produces collagen. Collagen helps your body to grow healthy bones along support wound healing.

Vitamin K is another great promoter of the bone healing. It plays a major role to regulate the typical blood clotting procedure. It is also known as Menadione. There are several diets like thick leafy vegetables, enriched with Vitamin K. Glycogen is stored in liver and Vitamin K helps our body to convert the glucose in Glycogen. Vitamin K is great defender against osteoporosis and ultimately helpful to the strength of bones. You can gain fast healing with the help of Vitamin K.
Boron is also a key element in the bone healing. It helps your body to stabilize the blood levels in testosterone and estrogen. It also reduces excretion of magnesium and calcium by urinary. You may get this element from many diets especially apples are the best.

Zinc and silica are also great supporters in bone healing. They help your body in the repairing process of tissues. Silica also helps to absorb the calcium like Lysine.

Now we will discuss those who are great enemies of the bone healing process. You may get severe pain after damaging to your bone and would like take medication as quickly as possible. Aspirin is also a pain killer, but it is a great enemy of bone healing. Prostaglandin is a chemical which is extremely important in tissue repair process and released by the damaged bone at the time of fracture. When you take pain killer especially aspirin, then that chemical is blocked and damaged the bone healing process naturally. There are also other medicines like Ibuprofen, Motrin, Toreador, Relafen, and Pensile that are not suitable to use during the bone healing process.

You should also avoid smoking, sugar, alcohol, salt, red meat, and caffeine during the bone healing process to ensure the speedy heal.

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