There are some important facts to keep in mind before booking an airport shuttle. Planning your taxi transport in advance will save you a lot of stress, time and problems that are special when booking transfers. If you have just arrived in a foreign country; Taxis generally do not have a meter and drivers generally want the fare to be paid in advance. What's more? They can have very exorbitant prices: for the most part the trip doesn't take much time, but the fare is expensive.

I have traveled extensively on the Asian continent, I have been to places like Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and I have noticed that the rates for getting taxis were up to five times more than the drivers charged for the locals. If you have just arrived at a foreign airport with a really exhausted and confused look, it can be an easy prey for taxi drivers without principles who can take advantage of your situation to annoy you.

The disadvantages of not using previously booked taxis

I speak from experience as I suffered the same a few years ago. I clearly remember what happened when I left Beijing; Hon Soi Square, to be exact. To my surprise, I paid almost five times what the price should have been; Maybe this was due to my naivety. Most taxi drivers will sneak it to their taxis and because of their fatigue; You can easily accept their exorbitant and ridiculous prices. Maybe you really need to get out of the burning heat and take a cold bath.

I have to say that this experience is not really cheap. The taxi driver I hired had agreed to take me where I needed to, but only drove me through some alleys and alleys in an attempt to justify the exorbitant price of the ticket. After spending a few weeks there, I discovered that the taxi driver had taken these routes to make the trip seem really far away. If I was thinking about following your budget; This can be disastrous because it can really reduce your stay or end up in a lower hotel.

Then you can learn from my experience. You need to book your airport transfers in advance on the Internet to avoid reviewing what I did. This did not happen to me alone; In fact, this happened to some of my friends as well. A friend of mine in Vietnam ended up in another part of town because of the communication barrier between him and the taxi driver. He had already paid the fare, and the driver was reluctant to return the fare. This is the case; the taxi driver left him next to Phu My Hung; He threw out his luggage and went with the money.

The lesson to be learned here is that not all taxi drivers at airports are honest. Some of them are rogues and can easily fool you; and steal the money that costs you so much to make. It was the best thing I did to me to book my airport transfers. I also encourage you to do the same as it saves you all the hassle and makes your trip enjoyable. Previously booked taxis may seem too expensive, but in the long run they are really cheaper.

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Then you can learn from my experience. You need to book your airport transfers in advance on the Internet to avoid reviewing what I did.