The brainwave entrainment technology has gained a lot of popularity these days. One of them that this technology is based on is the alpha brainwaves. These are the waves that lie within 8-12 Hz range. They are generated at the right hemisphere of the brain. They can also be generated on a synchronized pattern in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. These are only present when the body and the mind are in a state of complete relaxation mode and free of stress.

The alpha brainwaves are highly dominant in those people who are creative and relaxed and whose mind is clear. They are considered the normal brainwave patterns and they are most highly dominant when a person closes the eyes. Generally speaking, the children tend to have higher levels than the adults. These are considered to be the healthiest of all. Moreover, 10Hz in frequency is generally accepted as the brainwave frequency that is the safest to train.

Most of the young teenagers and children have alpha rhythm that is dominant. There is no single brain wave pattern that is considered to be better or superior to the others. You should therefore, not think of the alpha brain waves as being the cause of all the problems and conditions that people suffer from. If your brain is deficient in these waves, it may feel awesome increasing them to the required levels.

These types of brainwaves have very many advantages. However, if they are present in the excessive levels in the brain, there may have some adverse effects.

The advantages of the high levels of alpha brainwaves

Some of the advantages of these brain waves include the following:-

Relaxation of body and mind
• Increase in the levels of creativity
• Increase in the ability of solving problems
• Achieving the emotional stability because of the balancing of moods
• Peak performance of the mind
• Decreasing the levels of anxiety and stress
• Boosting of the immunity system
• Super learning ability
• Positive thinking
• Increase in the serotonin levels - which in turn reduces depression
• Deep self-introspection

The disadvantages of very high levels of alpha brainwaves.

Despite of their good effects and many advantages in the body, if the levels rise above the optimum levels of 10Hz, they may bring some other problems such as:

• Loss of focus
• Having excessive dreams
• Tiredness
• Lack of excitement
• Being overly receptive to new information and suggestions,
• Lack of visual awareness and visual acuity

The people who have high levels of alpha brainwaves are children, the meditators and extroverts. However if you do not fall into these three categories, you should look for some healthy ways in which you can increase the levels of these very important brainwaves.

One of the most highly recommended ways of increasing the level of alpha brain waves is making use of brainwave entrainment. This is a simple process that involves listening to tones that cause your brainwave to match the frequency of that tone. Go on and try them. You will be definitely pleased by the results.

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