Christmas time is a wonderful time of year with shopping, parties, cantatas, children’s programs, numerous Christmas parties, families and much, much more. We love this time of year, and yet some of us loathe this time of year. If we took the time to ponder the reason why people loathe it, then we would find that the answer would probably be the same as most everyone else. That answer is: “I’m way too busy, and there isn’t enough time.”

Take a breather, and think about the season in a new way. We start the Christmas hustle and bustle around Thanksgiving, and we quit Christmas Day. So, we have reasons to be harried, frazzled and annoyed. If we really want to enjoy the holidays then we need to rethink how we schedule ourselves thin. First thing, don’t schedule yourself so thin that you’re going to drive yourself and everyone else around you crazy.

Take a look at the calendar during December, and schedule time for you, and your family to do absolutely nothing. That’s right; schedule it, mark it down as an appointment not to be missed. The truth is not every event needs you to be there to make the holidays special. Place each event as a priority, and decide what is most important and what is least important. By doing this you are scheduling yourself breathers. This will take the edge out of your Christmas, and hopefully make the time a little merrier.
Shopping is a chore especially on the weekends when everyone else seems to be doing the sme kind of shopping. Schedule this time, and make it a whole day’s event. Go with someone, and make it fun. If you take your family, schedule time out for everyone to at least rest for a while. Don’t schedule anything else the rest of the day. Focus on your Christmas shopping. I had a friend who would take one Saturday and spent the whole day shopping with a friend; starting at 7:00 am till they were finished. They took their time, they stopped and snacked and ate out, but they made it a fun day. Christmas shopping can be fun.

Families and Christmas: That is a can of worms for some. The questions about how to spend this time can be rather daunting. Which family do we spend, or is Christmas day spent at home? How about, “we’ll spend time at home, and then go to all other families. Christmas Day is the day we celebrate the birth of light and hope, Jesus. Christmas Day is a sacred day, and it is up to each individual to decide how that is to be spent. Decide early is the best way to handle these hard questions of when, where and how to spend Christmas.

The long tradition is that Christmas Day is the Day Jesus was born, and that is considered the first day of Christmas. The twelfth day of Christmas is January 6th. This is the day of Epiphany, the day the Wisemen found Jesus, and gave him gifts. Some cultures actually honor the twelfth day as a gift giving day, and not Christmas day.

We, editorial we, especially Americans tend to believe and rush through Christmas quickly. On December 26th the tree comes down, and everything is cleaned up, and nothing of Christmas is left in sight. It seems to me that we rush into Christmas with full force, and forget to take the time to enjoy the season and all the beauty it has to offer. What are we to do to help us breathe? Slow down, and extend the Christmas season into January.

You don’t have to be everywhere, and you don’t have to be or do anything that you don’t want to do. Do only that which makes you feel good inside, and hopefully it is what you desire. Christmas is the day of light and hope. Do you feel it? If you don’t change some of the ways you are doing things. The people around you will eventually understand that these changes you are making are for the betterment of yourself. Honestly these changes will also better your relationship with others. However, this will take time. I know, believe me I know, that parents and family like to dish out the guilt. Guilt is controlled by you, because it is you who feel guilty not them. If you choose not to play the guilt complex, then those wonderful family members can’t help but respect you and y our choices.

Take a breather, and make your Christmas Holidays enjoyable. Consciously choose your events that you will be attending. Choose to create your shopping as enjoyable by making it a fun day, and not a chore day. Choose to create time where nothing is happening. There is something special about the days of yesteryear and the slow pace of the holiday season. Choose to be in the moment, and your Christmas will be more enjoyable, and merrier.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Fleharty by day is a mild mannered school librarian, but at night she’s become a successful author. She is now a practicing Personal Life Coach. She enjoys helping people become successful in any endeavor that they feel is important to them. She enjoys and embraces change and sees it as a way to improve herself. She intends to keep improving her life, and keeps challenging herself to become a better person. She thoroughly enjoys expressing herself through the written word. And has written three books "Quest To Live," “Changes and Shifts: a Personal Journey,” and “A Poet’s Mind and Soul.”

Her soul ignites through spiritual fire. She understands that the right spark can take a person to new meanings and new beginnings through a deeper sense of self. She is a seeker; she seeks Truth, the Devine, Spirituality, and Love. She believes that a spark will flame up to spread Truth. This Truth will be made known to all who seek.

After all “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” A Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand. I will be that helping hand in either personal, spiritual, health and wellness or being a mentor.