Have you written your Bucket List? Have you scheduled your Bucket List?

A Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. It’s those things in your mind that you want but, too often, just leave as a future wish while life passes you by.

At the end of life, the biggest regret people have is things not done, things not attempted, and risks not taken. At the end, it’s too late. Now is the time to do the Bucket List.
First, sit down and make a list of what you’d like to do, to own, to learn, and places to go.
A list for each one such as:

To own
Sports car
Ski home
Home at the beach
Mountain bike

To learn
College degree
Basket weaving
A foreign language

To do
Start my own business
Become the Vice President
Earn X dollars
Join the local X non profit board
Sail down the east coast inland water way

Go to Paris
Go on a safari in Africa
Go to the North Pole
Travel on the Orient Express

You get the idea.

Now, get out a pen and paper and start the list. Keep going until you reach 100 items. Keep the list and add to it. The more time you put into the list the more things that will come to your mind.

In developing the list, ignore the issue of time, talent, and treasure. It’s not about lack, it’s not about not being able or capable, it’s about what stirs your soul, what feels good, what feels right to you. The list should feel good and should inspire you.

The Bucket List can be viewed as something that inspires you and would make your life interesting, fun, exciting, and worth living. It will give you a spark. It will eliminate boredom. It will eliminate the drifting without purpose. It’s what we all need. \
It has to be in writing. It has to be seen by you. You have to get it out of your head, and on paper.

OK, you have the list. What’s next? At the bottom of this article are two time lines. The first is blank and the second is filled in with examples. So, fill in the blank ones with your bucket list. The key is to put the bucket list item on the time line of your life.
For example, if you want a college degree and it will take you 5 years, decide when to start and put the completion 5 years from that time. Now, it is scheduled. Now you have a plan.

Want a vacation home at the water? How long will it take to save for it? Too long? Then, if it is important, we might need to earn more money, or change other priorities. The Bucket List will show you what is most important. Your life is about choices and the Bucket List helps you to make conscious choices. It’s your life. It’s your decision.

The time line puts it all into perspective. It helps you to make choices and it gives you a track to run on. You’ll find your life can be full, exciting, and with great meaning. It’s empowering and fun. It may also show you that you have not done all you could have in the past few years.

Make the List. Put it on the timeline. Start working on the List. Make it part of your annual goal plan. Keep the goal in site and you’re apt to reach it. Live life. Live your Bucket List!

Author's Bio: 

Russell R. Shippee (b. 1949), an author, speaker, and coach. Russell enables and empowers people to be the best they can be in order to live the life they desire. His book, “Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary” as well as his eworkbook “Living My Life on Purpose” provides insight so others can change from the expected to the desired. Go to www.bethebestyoucanbe.net to learn more of his history, accomplishments, and services.