Kettlebells are one of the most versatile workout tools on the market. Kettlebells are great for full body exercises and functional fitness, but can also be used to isolate specific muscle groups. We've collaborated with World Champion and Master of Sport Brittany van Schravendijk to go over the best kettlebell exercises to target specific muscle groups.

In this video, we will be focusing on the glutes. You can refer to our Kettlebells for Aesthetic training series to focus on building your chest, back, legs, or shoulders. This video covers seven exercises to develop the gluteal muscles. The movements are centered around strengthening the glutes, abdominal and pelvic muscles, and can be combined with other kettlebell exercises to create a full body workout.

Brittany van Schravendijk Writes…

While I appreciate what fitness celebrities have done online to motivate millions to work out, I feel that social media has given the general public unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and exercise. The giant, perky glute muscles and perfectly lean bodies showcased on Instagram are mostly unattainable, at least through exercise alone.

If an Instagram model has a big booty with a significant thigh gap, she is either genetically made that way or has a pair of butt implants. When most people train to build bigger glutes, the quads and hamstrings will get bigger as well (read: no thigh gap). The online fitness coach born with an excellent rear end might say you'll look like them if you follow their workout routine, but my advice would be to save your money.

While it’s understandable to want a nice butt, you should be realistic. Set reasonable expectations: your butt will never look like someone else’s butt. Your butt will always look like YOUR butt, however, it will look better if you work out! Building your glutes requires hard work and time, just like any other muscle. Weightlifting with progressively more weight is the key to building a booty. Besides working out, nutrition is important when building your glutes. Without the right diet, it will be difficult to put on muscle and keep a lean figure.

How you look may be why you start working out, but hopefully the process of getting healthier and stronger will empower you to realize that what you look like on the outside isn’t half as important as who you are on the inside. Confidence and happiness are much more important than achieving the figure that society says you should.

Best Kettlebell Exercises to Build the Glutes and Thighs

Band Goblet Squat – To perform this exercise, put a resistance band on your upper thighs, just above the knee. Keep pressure on the band throughout the exercise by pushing your legs outward, which will activate your glutes. Grasp the sides of the kettlebell handle, keeping the kettlebell in front of your chest as you squat down. Squat to a depth where your elbows touch the inside of your knees, then drive the feet into the floor and squeeze your glutes to come back to standing position. Inhale before going down, and exhale as you stand back up.

Curtsy Lunge - Position your kettlebell in the rack position, with hand fully inserted and wrist straight. Keep the toes on your supporting leg pointing directly ahead, then step your other leg behind the supporting leg at a 45-degree angle to the body. Keep your shoulders over your hips and bend your back knee until it touches the floor. Exhale as you rise to your original position and repeat.

Brittany is performing both of these movements with Competition Kettlebells.

About Brittany 

Brittany van Schravendijk is a 7x Master of Sport, World Champion, World & National Record Holder, and international Kettlebell Sport coach. She is the Head Coach of Kettlebell Sport at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, California, where she has produced 1 Master of Sport and 4 Candidate for Master of Sport students.

You can find more information about Brittany on her website (, which contains information, tips, videos, and tutorials on kettlebell lifting.

 List of accomplishments:

  • World Champion in 2x24kg Long Cycle
  • World & National Record Holder 
  • 7x Master of Sport (24kg Long Cycle, 24kg Snatch, 2x24kg Long Cycle, 2x20kg Triathlon, 20kg Snatch, 2x20kg Biathlon, 16kg Snatch Half Marathon)
  • Ketacademy Level 3 Coach
  • Ice Chamber team member 2011-2014
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Sport


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