The issue of “Bullying” in the schools, community and via social networking has hit the media in the last few weeks in a very strong voice.
It is so important for everyone to continue to understand and share when it comes to the issue. It is documented that 17- 25 children per year will commit suicide and even more try but fail from being bullied in school and on cyber networks. So many parents are concerned and wondering what to do when and if this beast hits their own homes. Or, will they recognize it when it does?
As an Intervention Specialist and Parent Coach, I have worked with many children, numbers in the hundreds regarding the matter of child abuse and bullying. There are children I worked with who were so afraid to come to school; they hid in the neighborhood, which turned into a chronic truancy issue. I’ve also had to work with a team to intervene not on one, but several attempted suicides right in the school bathrooms by children under 9 years old. Belts, shoe laces, anything that can give them the opportunity to escape the mental and emotional torment of bullying.
While there is another surge of government officials working with the schools to produce anti-bullying policies, there will need to be training offered to parents and support for the children so that the policy put in place can be executed properly, in a timely manner. Fear of reporting such issues will be eliminated by teams in the schools offering workshops, conference calls and personal interaction on the issue. Bullying must be looked at as serious behavior that is seen more often than not. This is an important face that parents/guardians must remember. Time is of the essence and a demand must be placed on the matter. You don’t put a child on a school bus after children have been approached about bullying and no one is removed. The door has just opened for the child to be challenged to now handle this on their own. The ride home can be the last.
It is very important to speak with your child regarding the issue of bullying, personal and cyber. Make sure as a parent you are allowing he/she to express their feelings openly without criticism. If in fact it is exposed that this may be an issue, have a plan ready to immediately follow up on. Take time to actively listen to your child. Watch, listen and act!
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Karen L. Donald is truly a woman of personal victory. As a trainer, International Speaker and 20 years of Multimedia experience, she has offered cutting edge training and coaching across the globe. She has been most demanded as a life coach for business, sales teams and personal development, which focuses on workshops for the total man. She herself is a survivor of different forms of abuse, which is her message and medicine for empowerment and emotional healing. Her future goals include the launching of a new Professional Development Program that will train the trainers that work with the “At Risk” population. She is passionate about community services and knows that anyone who works with families should be aware of warning signs and ways to help with respect. Her words of encouragement to all are that “everyday you live is a second chance at life!