Daimler Trucks has uncovered the DD15 motor. It's the first in a four-dislodging family that in the long run force all Daimler Group trucks worldwide. The fresh start plan DD15 power all Daimler, Freightliner and Mitsubishi Fuso HD trucks the world over. It's gotten too costly to even think about designing, test and coordinate separate motors into the various undercarriage and to meet different arrangements of discharge decreases guidelines. Detroit Diesel, through its worldwide parent organization, Daimler Trucks AG - situated in Stuttgart Germany - just siphoned $1.5 billion into the advancement of this new worldwide motor platform. we got our first official to see Detroit Diesel's DD15 in October 2008 at the organization's Redford, Mich., get together plant. You can easily find a DD15 used engine in very good condition. You can search DD15 engine in your cell phone or in computer and contact the companies in the result. A lot of good companies are selling very good quality used DD15 engines at a very reasonable price. Selling quality used diesel engines and heavy truck parts. Cummins, CAT, Detroit, Isuzu, International and Hino Engines. ISX15 DD15 engines tested and inspected with warranty.

DD15 Features

The features of DD15 has astounded the industrialist. DD15 specs range from less weight to a high-performance rate. The main features include inline 6 cylinders, horsepower range of 455 to 505 and torque range of 1550 to 1750. The DD15 is offered in yield and torque variations of 455 to 560 pull and 1,550 to 1,850 lb./ft., including double torque appraisals for exceptional applications. The inline six-chamber motor has a dry load of 2,970 pounds.


Decreased lifecycle costs are another noteworthy element of the DD15 on account of its low fuel utilization just as diminished upkeep costs. Administration interims are each 40,000 miles, and the motor is anything but difficult to keep up. For instance, the oil channel, oil filler funnel and oil/water cooler are helpfully assembled into an oil module on the left half of the new DD15, with the coolant siphon, coolant channel and indoor regulator introduced in the prompt region. Likewise, on the left side, a conservative fuel channel module obliges the pre-channel and principle channel, just as the water separator for the fuel framework. Top burden cartridge oil and fuel channels are effectively open and cleaner to change. They additionally are all the more earth amicable to arrange. Double overhead camshafts and incorporated motor brake make overhead examination and upkeep simple to perform.


Alongside firm force, DD15 likewise is furnished with a coordinated Jacobs Engine Brake that will slow you down securely when you need it. Thus, when you're cruising through communities where everybody's snoozing, go ahead and turn it on. Nobody will hear it. Furthermore, with three levels of braking, you have a wide scope of braking power. Get down slopes more secure and with more control.

ACRS & Turbo Compounding

There are parcels new going on inside the DD15, yet two specific highlights give the DD15 its character and execution attributes: The Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS) fuel infusion framework, and turbo-exacerbating. ACRS creates infusion pressures up to 32,000 psi in a two-arrange process. An apparatus driven high-pressure fuel siphon produces pressures in the regular rail of 13,000 psi, while the last weight support is accomplished powerfully inside the injector itself. The framework is equipped for up to five infusion occasions for each cycle, streamlining burning effectiveness while decreasing commotion dramatically. And last yet surely not least are the turbochargers. There are in reality two of them, however, they're not arrangement turbos as we see on Caterpillar motors. The DD15 utilizes a basic essential turbo to support complex weight for admission air the executives.

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