Live psychic advice is cropping up all over on the Internet. Is it possible to get a real psychic reading online in a few minutes? The answer is yes and no.

When getting a live online psychic reading by phone, it's helpful to know what to look for and how to prepare.
First of all it is important to understand what a real psychic reading is and what it is not. A real psychic will be able to tell you things they could not possibly know by ordinary means. And they will be able to tell you these things in a few minutes after connecting with you. A real psychic will not need you to answer a lot of questions. And they should be able to "tune in" on specifics, rather than speak to you in generalities. For example, "I see a lot of changes coming up for you," is not a real psychic reading. Everything changes, of course, so eventually things will change for you. There isn’t anything “psychic” about that. A real psychic will be able to tell you exactly what the upcoming changes are. For example, "I see you changing jobs next month," or "I see you moving in the next few months from Boston to Los Angeles," are they type of specifics your real psychic should be able to tell you in a few short minutes.

Most psychic readings by phone are charged per minute. So when seeking an online psychic reading, it is prudent to have your questions in order before you call. That way if you indeed have connected with a real psychic reader, you’ll be assured of getting the best psychic reading online that you can get in the shortest amount of time.

Be sure to formulate your questions in specifics, as specific questions will produce specific answers. So instead of calling and saying, “Tell me about Bob,” ask “How does Bob feel about me?” or “Can you see when I will hear from Bob?” or “Can you tell me if Bob is the one for me or is there someone else?”

When calling an online psychic and trying to receive a psychic reading in a few minutes, it’s important to keep an open mind about the information you receive. Sometimes we are so attached to hearing what we think we want to hear, or are attached to hearing a particular outcome to our situation, that we aren’t able to process any other information that is brought forth in the reading. One of the best things about an online psychic reading is that it’s possible to receive a lot of information about things that may not even be on your mind. Be open to that and allow the psychic to bring forth whatever it is your guides and angels want you to know, even if it’s not something you think you need to know.

If you only can afford a few minutes for an online psychic reading, then in addition to having your specific questions ready, try to be realistic about how much and what kind of information can be brought forth in a few brief minutes. For example, there are probably a million things a psychic can tell you about “Bob,” from the color of his hair and eyes to what he does for a living. But if that’s not what you want to know, and you would rather find out if Bob will return to you and when, then that is what you need to ask. Being able to tell you what you already know, i.e., the color of Bob’s hair, is not necessarily psychic ability and does not necessarily give you the best psychic reading. Spending a clear and unhurried ten minutes with an online reader, is going to bring you better results than expecting to find out about your entire life in one or two minutes. Taking the time to formulate your questions and being open to receive will yield your best result.

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