Have you ever desired to go to Canada? Canada is a land of amazing possibilities. Last year Canada selected Indian 36,310 candidates for immigration and for granting Canada PR visa.

There are so many ways in which immigration Canada can be taken by you. One of them is the Express Entry. This way to immigrate to Canada requires applicants to apply for the immigration taking into account factors like their age and experience. A candidate who is interested in immigration must know that he has to work hard to get his application approved. So, he should only file his application taking into account, his success rate. Right now, any Canada immigration permanent resident candidate requires 440 points for immigration here.

Without having these many points, his Express Entry application for Canada immigration permanent resident visa might or might not be a success.

What happens when you don’t have 440 Express Entry Score?

When you don’t have this score you still have chances in Express Entry. This is because the province of Ontario picks up candidates with a score of more than 400. Let's get to know about the possible immigration streams of this province:

Human capital priorities stream:

This stream requires candidates having 400 points. However, in September 2018, a new rule was introduced as per which the score can be below 400, depending on the threshold score decided by the OINP director. It's true that the three draws which happened in 2018 between the months of March and August, prospective immigrants with scores less than 400 were chosen for immigration here.

Although a job offer is not a stringent condition for the Human Capital Priorities Stream the candidates who have a job offer have been preferred in the last draws. In the last draw of August 9, 947 candidates were sent invitations and had scores between 350 and 439 and these candidates had been shortlisted for employment in Ontario. In the March 26th draw, the score for Express Entry was between 351 and 446.

French Skilled Worker Stream:

This is also a stream under which Ontario selects candidates for immigration to this province. Apart from that, the candidate must have great command over the French language. French is spoken in Ontario and hence it demands that immigrants should be able to converse in French. The immigrants can prove that they know this language well by appearing for the TEF exam and getting scores equivalent to the CLB 7 standard.

The IT labor is given a preference all over the world. So it was not an exception when the province of Ontario selected people with professional IT experience in June 2017. Even if the candidates had a score of lower than 400 points, they were still eligible to be chosen as per scheme provided they had experience in the list of 15 IT profiles.

So, it's not true that PR visa Canada can’t happen once the candidates don’t have 440 Express Entry score. An immigration consultant can only help you resolve your troubles.

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Rahul Raheja