The question is, "How can I rebuild my life after infidelity?" This is a question that more and more Americans are asking themselves after having their relationship ravished by infidelity.

The answer is not an easy one. In fact, the divorce rates are rising and infidelity is to blame for this. Once upon a time, a couple had trouble and they worked through it because it was the thing to do. Long gone are those days. It seems every time you turn on your television set, a celebrity couple is getting divorced due to infidelity or some cheating scandal.

In order to rebuild your life after infidelity, there are some very big decisions that have to be made in order to accomplish your goal.

How can I rebuild my life after infidelity?

The below factors are needed in order to get your life back on track:

Stay or Go - One of the biggest decisions after infidelity is deciding whether or not to stay in the relationship or to leave. One of the first factors to consider is whether or not you are with a good person that made a terrible mistake or did you just fall for a terrible person that will make the same mistake again.

In many cases, this will be one of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your life. Either choice will mean a change in your life forever.

If you choose to stay, be sure to read below carefully:

Partner must be remorseful - In order to make it work, your spouse or partner has to take full responsibility for their mistakes. If they shy away from taking on this responsibility, your choice should be very clear of what you need to do from that point on. That is a glaring sign that you are fighting a losing battle.

Make Sure the Affair is Over - In order to start the rebuilding process, you need to be certain that the affair is over, otherwise you are wasting your time. If your partner still hasn't cut the ties with their lover, this should make it very apparent that they indeed were not remorseful for their actions. Your partner should make their actions very transparent and they should be very available so that you will have the opportunity to move towards the process of rebuilding trust.

How can I rebuild my life after infidelity?

Please keep reading for more details of what is necessary to get your life back in order and survive infidelity.

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