Simple tips to extend the life of your food waste disposal

There are a few misconceptions about managers. First, they are not "waste disposal". They are "food waste disposal". You will be amazed at what we sometimes find in the disposer that prevents it from working. For some reason, we find a lot of rocks in disposers. If you have a fish bowl, wash it in another sink.

One of the most common items we find during a home inspection is a failed or failing disposal. It is one of the most looked after and under-appreciated appliances we use.

These are the most common errors:

Damaged or worn filter in rubber
Rust at the cutting plates
Rust at the mounting flange
Rust on the body of the container
The rubber strainer is a safety item. It prevents objects such as a fork or knife from falling into the disposal system, or worse, they can be pushed out of the disposal site. The rubber strainer is a replaceable object that must be in good condition. If this reminds you of your disposal, you should consider having it replaced. A worn sieve could actually be dangerous. When the plate rotates, a tool can fall in and be pushed out of the disposer, causing personal injury.

The cutting plate is the part you see if you look into the dispenser. It is a rotating plate with knives on. When the disposal device is switched on, the rotating movement causes the food to be thrown on the sides of the disposal site, where the wings chop it into pieces that are small enough to be washed away. It is important that you clean the waste container after washing dishes by running it. If you do not, the leftover food will sit on the plate. This trapped moisture will eventually rust the plate and damage the disposer. Always run the dispenser after washing to extend the life of the unit and reduce odor from the disposer. Also look at the plate at regular intervals. If you see heavy rusting of the plate or sides of the disposal device, it may be time to replace the device.

Rust at the mounting flange may be due to a poor installation or a torn washer or filter. Water actually leaks from the sink to the outside of the disposal plant. A rust mounting flange may eventually fall apart and become difficult to remove when you need to replace the dispenser. Once the body of the container is rusted, replace the dispenser. If it is not already delicious, it will soon. Check that the rust does not come from another source, but most often the disposer is at the end of its service life.

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