A successful career isn’t magic, but hard work and determination clubbed together with a passion to learn. MCA is one such area that seeks students who have that eye for detail and are willing to learn beyond the textual theories. It stands for Masters in Computer Applications. The duration of this course varies from institution to institution and is usually pursued after the Bachelor’s in Computer Applications or any other suitable graduation degree.

MCA holds abundant opportunities for the ones who are willing to take that one extra step forward. Here are some of the best options that can be pursued after an MCA:

A software developer is one of the best ones to start with for he or she needs to be responsible for some of the most crucial as designing, testing, installation and maintenance of the software systems. They provide IT services by properly analyzing the needs of the client and design the systems to meet the given requirements. It is a creative field that goes way above the usual technical job of coding.

The second option calls for a troubleshooter. A troubleshooter is one who stands as the lifeline of an organization. They assure that the technology, be it software or hardware, has easy accessibility to all the people who require them. If any issue arrives or tends to occur, they take charge of resolving to ensure timely deliveries of every project assigned. They maintain the resources needed by software developers and other technical people in the workplace.

The third alternative could be a system analyst. They are responsible for designing innovative IT solutions, for driving the businesses and increase the existing level of efficiency. Their role is to learn and analyze the current business situations, business procedures and models, for creating better IT solutions in the specified terms of software for the respective clients. They stand as a bridge between software developers and clients.

Fourthly, one could pursue technical writing after pursuing an MCA degree. Technical writing is a good mix of technology and creative writing. A passion for knowing about the latest technologies, gadgets and has a flare to write, then technical writing is a good career option to choose. One needs to write technical documents like product description, Design specifications, User guides, user manuals, White Papers and so on.

The fifth and the latest trending choice could be of a website designer or a website developer. A web designer or developer is responsible for creating and developing websites. One should have a beautiful blend of mind, font style, sense of color contrast and every little thing that involves a digital design. They should also be skilled in software to develop and maintain the website, like HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS, Illustrator, Flash and many more.

Thus, MCA gives a good number of creative and innovative options to choose from and hence, finding a good job after its completion won’t be a problem after all as other great options include Systems Developer, Hardware Engineer or even starting up a technology firm.

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