Why Should We Do Constant Carpet Maintenance?

With the day to day exposure to dirt’s like dust, mud’s, soils and any other types of stains, it is expected for our carpet to generate such dirt’s, stains or whatsoever. Whenever our carpet accumulates dirt’s, we tend to clean them right away to see to it the dirt won’t stick longer. But every time we clean our carpet using a carpet cleaning solution our carpet may fade. It’s going old if improper cleaning is rendered.

That is the reason why PROPER and CONSTANT CARPET MAINTENANCE is a must to keep our carpet in a clean, fresh and new condition.

What Benefits Can We Obtain With Carpet Maintenance?
With proper and constant carpet maintenance we can obtain the following benefits.

1. We actually extend the life span of our very own carpets.

2. We provide fresh as well as a clean area not only for us and for our family but also for our visitors. It is very great to think for our visitors to arrive at a great, fresh and clean place. It would be very disgusting if they find our area dirty and a bit messed up.

3. We are helping allergic people by removing some of the things that might trigger their condition such as dust and germs.

What are the Steps or Series of Cleaning and Carpet

Maintenance Procedure?

1. Placing mat on all house entrances. Putting mats assures the dust are left on mats and if ever there are still soils or dust on footwear upon stepping onto our carpet, it’s a bit lesser as compared to a home without the mat.

2. Regular Vacuuming Schedule - Vacuuming the carpet regularly gets out the dust and deep-set dry soils.

How to choose a good vacuum?

a. Choose a vacuum with dual motors. One motor is for suction while the other one is for a loosening of dirt.

b. Vacuums with good filtration.

c. Has the right brush for the type of carpet you have. Your carpet might be damaged if you use a vacuum with brushes not suited to the type of carpet you have at home.

d. A vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or rotating brush is also advisable since it loosens the dirt. Moreover, this type of vacuum grits better as compared to any canister vacuum.

e. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a top loading bag instead of having a bottom loading bag.

3. Carpet Restoration Cleaning – The most popular carpet restoration cleaning is steam carpet cleaning. Next in line is the rotary shampoo but you can have both.

Carpet maintenance does not aim to cure any carpet defects or damages due to stains, dirt or whatever aspect it may be actually. Carpet maintenance main goal is to PREVENT possible damages on our carpet by cleaning and maintaining it properly.

However, we cannot also deny the fact that in most cases we do not have total control. Thus, we are not 100% sure we can stop stains and dirt to penetrate on our carpet.

If certain serious stains penetrate on your carpet then the best thing to do if you are not sure what to do or if you are not sure you can make it is to call professional carpet cleaning company for they are the experts with respect to this scenario. They know what is best for every kind of stains on every type of carpet.

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