Recently, a man tied himself to a big bundle of colorful helium-filled balloons and lifted off. He did not intend for the balloons to carry him afar and take his life away. However, there were too many balloons and too much wind and the man was lost.

This story was reported in the news. You may have seen it.

When we read or watch the news, we must be aware that news is programming. Programming means, thoughts are being fed to us, to our mind. Our mental computer is being programmed. The news is like adding a new program or many new programs to our computer. The computer called our mind.

Reflect on how the news is generated. Big corporations own the television networks, the newspapers, the magazines. They are in it for profit. They make their money from advertising. The more people who read or watch, the more money a news company can command from advertisers. News companies understand the mind. They know the mind is negative. They know the mind eats negativity for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Each day, thousands of events take place around the world. The news companies must select the stories that have the best chance of getting the largest audiences. They must attract people’s attention---they must attract the mind’s attention and they understand the way to do it is through negativity. They know the mind loves negativity. Is this some grand conspiracy? Of course, not. News companies, be they the owners, the stockholders, the publishers, the editors, the reporters, the photographers , whoever, they are just like us. They have a mind. The mind is negative. Therefore their negative mind is running them, as it is many of us.

They don’t intend harm. They intend to make money. They know what works and they do it. They sell negativity. They take all the events of the day and they pick out the most negative stories to report as news.

None of us intend harm either. We think we know what works too. And, we do it. We learned it when we were two years old. We have something happen and we react, we automatically go into negativity, anger, fear, frustration for example. Some news may be reported and we immediately freak out, get on the phone and tell others about it.

With the Release Technique (, we see that reacting automatically and pitching a fit does not really work anymore now that we are no longer two years old. We see it is very harmful to ourselves, to others, to the world. We begin to see that all of this behavior we have been doing all of our lives has gotten us nowhere but more stressed out, more suffering, more pain, sickness, fear, and desperation. Oh, yes, and less abundance.

We begin to realize what we are after, what we are seeking, is happiness. We want to be happy. We begin to see we have been seeking this happiness by chasing things and people. Meanwhile our blood pressure, our blood sugar and our anxiety level has gone up. We begin to see it’s a lie that happiness is found in accumulating, in getting things and people.

We begin to see that happiness comes from a quiet mind. We begin to see that a quiet mind comes from letting go of all the things that have caused our misery, namely, negative thoughts and feelings. We begin to see that in order to be happy and open ourselves up to all abundance, we must let go of negativity. We must let go of the accumulation of negative thoughts and the automatic reactive feelings. The Release Technique is an extremely effective, simple and instantaneously provable method for dropping our negative blocks to love and abundance.

When we watch or read the news, if we choose to do so, we must do so consciously, realizing the attraction of our negative mind to the negative information. We must watch awake to the fact that if we buy into what is being said, both in the news and the commercial advertisements, we are being programmed. We are adding more negative programs to our computer. Unless we are conscious to what is going on, we are developing negative convictions about our world and those convictions are likely to play out in our experience.

When we watch or read news, we must be awake and realize we can determine our own life rather than having the news organizations determine our attitudes, our feelings, and our lives. We have a decision, buy into all of that negativity or be positive in spite of all the things the news is saying. The Release Technique shows us how to do that.

A recession happens because of millions of people going into fear. Disease, sickness, happens because of millions of people going into fear. Nothing can happen to us if we do not first have a fear about it. It is nothing to believe, it is something to find out about for ourselves, it is something to prove to ourselves.

The Release Technique is available to undo all the negativity in the world, in our very own mind. None of the usual things the news is reporting need to happen to us or our lives. We can learn to Release, we can learn the Release Technique tools. We can go into the mental computer and knock out the programs, the negativity, the fears.

In the Release Technique ( we have a vast array of resources, the recorded Abundance Course, the weekend Abundance course, seven day retreats, recorded advanced classes to knock out those programs we are unconsciously carrying around. We have recordings to knock out fear and worry, frustration and anger and more. Everything we need is available in the Release Technique if we are willing, if we make a decision to get out of the negative and move into being positive, loving, abundant and happy all the time.

We, many of us, are like the man floating away tied to all the helium balloons. We accumulate all these balloons called negative programs, negative convictions, negative thoughts and feelings. We accumulate these balloons and keep accumulating them unconsciously and we are carried off by whichever way the winds choose to blow. We are carried off to our doom, we are lost, just like the man in the story.

We have allowed all of these balloons of negative programming to take us away from the life we could have. When learn the Release Technique method, we change all of that. When we learn to Release, we begin to let go of the balloons. We keep letting go of the balloons and we regain our life. We keep letting go of the balloons and we regain our natural happiness which has been covered over by all of the accumulated negativity.

The balloons of negative thoughts and feelings and the wind of the news can and will carry us off to some lost place unless we decide to do something different. The Release Technique ( puts us in charge rather than the balloons and the wind.

The Release Technique allows us to live in higher energies, Courageouseness, Acceptance and Peace where no one and no thing can bother us. The news, whatever negativity the world involves itself in, all of these so-called troubles and problems, cannot touch us when we are using our Release Technique tools and living in a high energy.

Decide in favor of yourself, in favor of your life. Go to right now. Order the audio Abundance Course which teaches you the Release Technique or sign up for a weekend Abundance Course coming to your city or a city near you. Learn to Release and find out all that negativity they talk about in the news does not have to be a part of your life. Sign up now.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.
The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide.
The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson

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