A wife goes through her nightgowns, wanting the night to be special. Her husband arrives from work and does not notice what she has on. He goes straight to bed and starts snoring. Or a husband comes home from work looking forward to having some quality time with his wife. But his wife tells him she’s tired from watching the kids and doing the house chores all day. Is this a scenario you are familiar with? Has this been going on for months? Then your marriage must be going through a dry spell.

What is a dry spell?

You know when they say that love and marriage go together but sex in marriage has an expiration date in marriage? Truth is a lot of married couples have been facing a sexless marriage for months especially for those in the age group of 40 and above. Older couples will say that this is a normal transition as you age but a lot of couples want to avoid this from happening to them and want to know how to keep their physical intimacy burning. A dry spell does not mean you are no longer attracted to each other. You still want to have sex but somehow, life just keeps getting in the way. Dry spells are dangerous in a way that eventually, you take the lack of physical intimacy personally and in some level, start drifting away from each other unconsciously.
What causes dry spells?

1. Low libido

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with your long gowns and you are not a freak because you wanted sex more times than your husband does. Men are prone to decreased libido when they reach a certain age – this is why we now have Viagra and other sex pills to help them “rise” to the occasion. Ladies go through low libido too.

2. Stress

This is not just an excuse – stress is no joke and it can really take a toll on your sex life. Nobody wants to have sex when they are tired and spent out from their long day.

3. Comparison

Never ever compare your life with someone else’s – this applies to your sex life as well. In relation to this, never compare your sex now with the sex you had with an ex. Remember, you were younger back then and you were not even facing the same pressures as you had today.

4. Routine

Being married and having kids can place a stop on your sex life for a while. Some couples think the best way to deal with this is to schedule their “naughty” time. However, this eventually leads to sex being a routine, expected thing, that when you do not feel like it, it feels like an “obligation” or “assignment.”

5. Illness

As you get older, you become more prone to illnesses like arthritis and back pain and this can get in the way with sex. Some medications are also limiting libido as well.

Sex is a bond for couples and its absence can be a threat to your marriage. Knowing what causes your dry spell early on can help you deal with the problem immediately before it gets worse. If you think you can not do it alone, do not hesitate to get professional help from counselors and psychiatrists.

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