These are those reasons that are shaped by man or in which human determination and choice are the fundamental issues. These are given here First is Intoxication which is an important feature of legal capacity. Intoxication momentarily hangs the proper working of the mental ability. It does not disturb the capacity for achievement and a drunken individual is held accountable for the obliteration of life and possessions and also for all responsibilities for preservation etc. as far as his capacity for performance concerned, he is accountable for all performances if he willingly drinks and legal capacity is annulled if enforced to drink. When an individual uses words without proposing to convey their main or subordinate meanings, he is said to say in jest. It has no result on the legal capacity. Coercion and duress is also one of acquired causes that adversely affect legal capacity.

It is a state in which one is enforced to do something without his readiness. It is of two types.
one is called Compelling and other is called Non-Constraining. First kind i.e. Compelling consists of
a thread to damage a person’s life or limb. While Non-Constraining is exercised by punishing restraining or thrashing a man. In circumstance of non-constraining compulsion, a man should not select to pause the law. Compulsion does not distress capacity for achievement and a person under compulsion may be held accountable for forcing of Zina or assassination under compression but it does impact capacity for executing and transactions that depend upon consent like sale mortgage etc are irregular. Usually, unawareness of law is not held to be a justification, for it is the responsibility of every Muslim to make himself familiar with it. Thus, who is going for Umrah through Umrah Package, he must know the rules and commandments of Saudi Arabia.

Exclusion: When there are worries regarding a law or there are lent estates in a specific case for an individual to hold mistaken view with admiration to it, such law is not appropriate to him. For instance, if an infidel belonging to non-Muslim condition after acceptance Islam occurs to come to a Muslim state after embracing Islam occurs to come to a Muslim country and there drinks strong liquor not knowing that it is prohibited by the faith, he will not suffer the chastisement.
Unawareness of facts is also another reason. It is viewed as an excuse in law. For instance, a pre-emptor right will not be misplaced, if he failed to make a request through unawareness of the detail that his co-owner or neighbor had wholesaled the possessions subject to prevention. Insolvency also affects. If a person becomes bankrupt, that is his possessions; fall short of his arrears and obligations, when a court of capable authority so announces, his legal capacity becomes faulty in the judgement of law. To accomplish, I can say, that legal capacity of a being in his suitability for the request of law to his movements. There are some conditions which damage legal capacity in a general way by their result on man’s abilities.

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