The key spiritual practices in Shamanism, also known as the “4 Powers” is a balanced way to walk through this life in conscious delight. They are Singing, Dancing, Nature, and Sweet Silence.

I used to love to dance. Much of my teen and university years were spent de-stressing on the dance floor. Emotions were expressed through my body, as I wouldn’t often share the words, and I was able to go deeply within as I found rhythm with the music and the way my body wanted to merge with it. Music moved me through teenage angst, and through celebration.

Oftentimes too, I would sing along to the music, whether it be in dance, in my car, to songs in my head, in the shower, and just about anywhere else when the sound wanted to come up. It didn’t always sound that great, yet when I could let go of the need to impress or sound a certain way, it just became pure fun.

These days I enjoy singing in Kirtan, chanting in my car, dancing at Dance Temple, and over the years in other sacred circles. I was grateful for a recent 21-day dance challenge that got me moving again, which felt especially good after healing from an ankle injury. My deepest meditation happens in dance. I also enjoy the freedom in the movements and have now made it a point to dance every day.

Being an Empath, Nature and Sweet Silence are sacred practices I cannot do without. I find I experience both when indoors, and especially outdoors.

In Shamanism, it’s common to ask those who come for healing, when did you stop dancing? Singing? Being in nature? Tuning into your own nature? When did you become uncomfortable with silence?

Once you begin to engage in these practices again, your spirit is restored. Your spirit becomes free, your heart opens, and you renew your commitment to living your life in a way that is soul nurturing for you.

I encourage you today, to spend some time in Nature, in Sweet Silence, and find your voice, your primal sound, Sing, and allow your body the freedom and expression in Dance. Journal about it, or share with me what you were able to experience. I always love hearing from you. I encourage you also to redirect any blame, shame, or judgment, and simply honour where you are right now, as the perfect place to be.

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Jennifer Regular is a respected Master Integrated Energy Therapist, Motivational Counselor, Author, Reiki Drum Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, and an inspiring Wellness Leader focused on Spiritual Wellness and Soul Care. She is a active member of CAIET- Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies and the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. She has also created a journalling book entitled, "Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery" that you can find at