Do you care about other people’s opinion of you? Or live your life to please others? You may choose to conform to the standards of friends, relatives or the society. The need to obtain other people’s approval can make you become another kind of person. You act the way they like and forget being yourself. However, being fake can prevent you from achieving your dreams.

You will have a meaningful and more fulfilling life if you are authentic. The decision to accept your real self is the first step to realizing your goals. Self-appreciation allows you to express yourself freely without seeking validation from others. It enables you to live according to your values and priorities. Besides, you will be able to discover your inner strength and true vocation in life.

Recognizing and accepting your true self is the key to self- actualization. Though being authentic is beneficial, but it may not be easy after years of a false personality. Letting go of the person you have become to embrace your real self is a gradual process. However, the tips below will help you to retrace your steps to the unconscious and be yourself.

Discover yourself: You might have lived your life to gain the approval of others. Adapting yourself to meet the expectation of others will not align from your vision. Find out your true self. Review your past and figure out those beliefs that made you dump your values. Avoid doing things to fit in with your peers. Try to discover your strengths and passions. You may have underestimated your abilities when you conditioned your life to be accepted by others.

Be confident and bold: You may fear expressing yourself or pursuing your desires to avoid resentment. It is natural to seek for acceptance of people around you but try to be authentic. Value your real self and don’t crave to be appreciated by others. Be courageous to express your opinions and feelings. Though some people will despise your actions, there will be others who will value your authenticity.

Express yourself: When you are proud of your real personality, you can freely speak out your views. You won’t be worried about how other people will perceive your opinion. Self-appreciation enables you to express yourself freely. Feel safe to make choices and live out your values and beliefs.

Believe in your abilities: You have the strength to make your dreams a reality. Don’t allow others to call the shots for you. Only ask for help when it is necessary. Take risks to achieve your goals. You can be successful if you pursue your true vocation. Don’t let people around you influence your actions. Learn to say “NO” firmly and politely if you don’t want to do something against your wish.

Liberate yourself from the dictation of others. Live according to your values and priorities. Appreciate your real self and be proud of who you are. Don’t let your imperfections discourage you from your vision. Rather, strengthen your abilities and let self-appreciation motivate you to actualize your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Aimee Reese is a Certified Professional Coach and Administrative Professional Expert. Aimee has been in the corporate world for over 20 years and has successfully navigated high level executives to keep them organized, prepared and on task. Aimee has accomplished this by maintaining her self-confidence and staying positive in any stressful situation. Aimee coaches her clients to learn to put themselves first and reach their goals they have set for themselves. Aimee also helps other administrative professionals to grow and flourish in their chosen career path. Aimee lives in Tennessee with her husband Eric.