Psychics are changing from what they used to be or perhaps our perception of them is. They are no longer the gypsy looking, hippy wearing mystics who can foretell our future in a crystal ball but rather just like us – that is, with an unusual and heightened gift. They can foretell the future and much more such as being able to communicate with the dead, read auras and chakras, and help detectives to solve murders. Famous or not, psychics are in touch with their intuition at such an advanced level that they have become focused and clear headed in order to communicate with many forces and energy levels that the average person cannot.

Celebrity psychics have helped mainstream media embrace the psychic world. Because of psychics like Sylvia Browne, Barbara Norcross and Sally Morgan and their ability to help millions of people all over the world communicate with the deceased and find guidance for life’s toughest challenges, the world is more accepting to the world of the paranormal. Here are some of the biggest, baddest and more gifted famous psychics of the modern age.

Sylvia Browne is undoubtedly one of the most famous psychics and responsible for merging the believers with the unbelievers. At the age of 3, she manifested her psychic abilities and quickly began helping friends and close family members with their biggest problems. When she lectures and holds public readings all over the world, people can instantly detect how personable, relatable and down to earth she is. She has helped many people see that psychics are normal, act normal, dress normal and are just like everyone else (with a slightly unusual gift). Sylvia Browne helps many people each year connect to past family members or friends from the other side and helps people connect to their divine purpose for life. She has appeared on many TV shows including Montel Williams, Unsolved Mysteries and used to help solve murders for the FBI.

Sylvia Browne can do many things for anyone interested in a reading. No matter what challenges you currently face, she has the gift of redirecting you to a place of guidance through connecting you to your spirit guide, your option line or warn you of any health risks. Her skill is mastered to such a high level that non believers become believers in a very short time. Her readings can guide you to making the right choice at any particular time, especially when you are torn by multiple choices in front of you. Whether you have questions about romance, health, finance, debt issues, your spiritual development, relationship issues or your career Sylvia Browne is the best of the best.

The mark of any good psychic is one that will answer your question before you ask it. Excellent psychics who know what they’re doing and have perfected their craft know that nothing can be done without a clear and focused mind. Readings by celebrity psychics last from thirty minutes to an hour and are almost always 100% accurate. Barbara Norcross is another world renowned famous psychic to the rich and famous. Like Sylvia Browne, her waiting list for a reading is extensive, but if you have the money, time and resources, completely worth the experience. Known as the Palm Beach Psychic, she has helped thousands of people find their way, their path and with positive and encouraging readings that always prove to help – not hinder – spiritual and emotional growth. One of her most famous clients was Elvis, in which she did a personal reading for him among many others.

Sally Morgan is another celebrity psychic who has a long and satisfied client list. Her wait list includes over 75,000 followers who are chomping at the bit to get a reading from the same woman who did one for Princess Diana and others. Sally Morgan is known as Great Britain’s most famous and best loved psychic, a label that she holds dear and is proud of. But what is so special about her gift? She talks to dead people with the precision of a true expert and one that has been doing this for centuries. She is also very accessible, charging a reasonable fee for the famous and ordinary. She has a real gift, although you won’t see her with a crystal ball or long hair down to her waist. She is a professional psychic and sticks to the basics: accurate readings done in a short period of time. That’s her real gift – to connect to mass audiences and help them with their emotional and spiritual awakenings.

Getting a reading done by a celebrity psychic isn’t just about meeting with someone who has had contact with famous actors and musicians. It’s really about knowing their creditability has helped so many others, including the famous and infamous. There are many psychics out there who claim to be the best and to have a gift of clairvoyance. What and who do you believe with the large number of psychics available? Famous psychics however have already proven themselves which enables you to go into a reading with them with total confidence. Psychic readings either done in person or by telephone help people find the guidance they need to overcome relationship issues, career challenges or money problems. Sometimes life prevents so many choices that we are unable to make one, and in this type of stand-still, a psychic can really come to the rescue.

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally we all run into challenging times but if it stays that way, there is a problem. If we are blocked from seeing the right answer in order to take action, a psychic is a great way to overcome that and move on with our life in the right way. Whether the psychic we choose is a psychic to the stars or not, that doesn’t matter so much as going for a reading itself.

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