Doing the first job is like starting a new phase of life. It will be a little difficult to start any new phases in life because many ups and down occurs during this phase. After the student life, everybody has a dream of joining the industry. When they join their first job, some of them face a problem due to a lack of guidance. Pushing yourself to your comfort zone is the best idea to exist on the first job. Here are some problems that generally faces by the fresher:

Lack of Practical Experience and Knowledge
We might have scored a pretty good mark in University but things get tougher when we enter the practical world. We may have a lot of knowledge in the related field but when we start doing a job, implementation of that knowledge is what needed. So, the lack of practical experience will be a challenge and sort out how things work out would take some amount of time.

Adjustment in the new environment
Talking about starting your first job, you would be going on a new environment of staff, manager, and colleagues. Being a fresher, there might be a little hesitation to adjust to a new environment.

Time Management
Another common problem faced by any fresher could be Time Management. You will have to change your whole set of the timing of your life. A lot of timing would be invested in your new job and there might be a problem in Time Management. You will have to be totally professional and utilize your precious time.

Cooperation and Teamwork
A new job means new friends and colleagues. It might take some time to have a healthy and professional relationship with staff in the new environment. There might be a communication problem that directly affects Teamwork. As a fresher, working in a team would be a little bit harder if you have poor communication skills.

Freshers normally do not have the habit of working for long hours and have loads of work to be done on time. Responsibilities bind you after you are in the job. You might have some problems in handling and managing your workloads.

Final Thought
In today's competitive world to adjust in the job you have to overcome these challenges. And it helps you to build yourself strong and employability.

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