We’ve been inundated with the word change for months with the rhetoric of the election campaigns. Most of us probably agree that our country needs to change many things in the way it operates as well as eliminate the massive corruption that has seeped into our government and its leaders. People often cry out for change when things are bad around them and it is affecting them whereas before they were complacent in their life.

But many individuals shrink from the idea of change. Human nature often says it’s good to feel comfortable and secure, so people resist any change. Even if they don’t like their present life circumstances, it is difficult for most people to take the steps and make a change. Why is this so? Human beings like to feel comfortable in their surroundings and lifestyle. Perhaps it’s the routine that feels good or perhaps they don’t believe a change is possible. There’s a certain feeling of safeness and coziness when in the same pattern. Individuals don’t want their boat rocked.

Take a look at the number of people addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, work or food. None of this is good and most individuals know that, yet it is very hard for these people to change their pattern and lifestyle, even if on some level they want to. They’ve become accustomed to this way of living and it is a fixed routine – comfortable on some level. So whether it is denial that change is needed, a cover-up, complacency, stuck lifestyle patterns, not believing in new possibilities, stubbornness, or any other reason, change is often not easy to implement for many.

Yet being comfortable and remaining in the same pattern means you are dormant, that nothing is happening. When nothing new is happening in your life you are slowly dying because there is no growth. If your body did not create new cells continuously in order to provide you with a completely new set of cells every year, you wouldn’t survive very long. So it is with your life process. If everything remains status quo, without movement, you are on a downward spiral to nothingness – no production, no fulfillment, no happiness, no anything.

Since feeling comfortable is what people seek, the idea of changing everything they’ve worked for doesn’t appeal. Change is pushed as far onto the back burner as possible so it doesn’t have to be dealt with. This is sad since it leaves this person on a plateau, as if they are merely going through the motions of life without any purpose or dreams that become reality. While dreams are great to have, if there is no action then nothing is realized.

What is going on in your life right now? Are things comfortable and safe so that you have become dormant?
Are you nestled in an arena of comfort and security? Did you strive hard to achieve this state of perceived balance? Here’s where you are. There is nothing happening. There is no life and no vibrancy. First of all, you don’t really have perfect balance, and if you think you do it will disappear in the blink of an eye because life is always happening in some fashion.

Life is meant to be ever-changing, dynamic and full of movement. We are energetic beings who thrive on movement. The lethargy that has overtaken society and perhaps even you, must give way to movement and change in order for growth to occur. Have you been there, done that, and have the T-shirt to prove it? Then my friend, it’s time to head down another path in order to grow.

The only one who can make changes in your life is you. Granted, things can happen that force change in your life, but you have the power of choice as to how you’ll respond to those changes. And you were born with the power to be the co-creator of your life.

We’re in a turbulent time in the history of our country, and that turbulence is being felt in all our lives. But you can choose to feel peaceful and move forward even though those around you proclaim disaster with every breath. You see, the peace and joy that resides within you has nothing to do with any perceived chaos around you. It’s always your choice.

So as change is happening in our world right now, perhaps it is time for you to make serious changes. What do you need to leave behind right now? Is it time for you to step up to the plate and do something you know you should do but have been afraid to do? Are you in a relationship that is going nowhere yet the “security” of being in it keeps you there, in misery, perhaps allowing you a slow emotional death. Are you searching for answers and something to satisfy you but you haven’t been able to find it yet? Is your job unfulfilling and you know what you really want to do, yet responsibilities keep you stuck there?

Here’s my suggestion because it has worked time and time again for myself and so many others. Take some quiet time for you and think about what you really want your life to look like. Write it down where you can visibly read it over many times, daily perhaps. When you define what you want your life to be, then simply step out of the way of creating any details, and the universe will begin bringing it to you immediately. Of course if you try to force anything, or work out any of the details, then you block the forward movement. You will have to be patient because you may not be ready for it just yet. But I can promise you that if you keep your dreams alive by thinking about them and feeling what it would be like to obtain them, and keep out of the way by not trying to work out the details or force it before it is time, your dream will manifest when the time is right.

So keep moving forward and welcome the changes in your life. These changes are helping you to grow and expand, and are an important part of your life journey. Instead of fearing change, open your arms to it and embrace it warmly, for it will be helping you in more ways than you can imagine. It is only through change that we can expand and become who we are meant to be – a powerful light that shines to help those in darkness find their way. When in hindsight you look back over the changes that have occurred in your life, you always see what a blessing those changes were, even if at the time you didn’t think so!

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is a Spiritual Wholeness & Health Coach, Speaker, Trainer for Speaking, Coaching and Angel Practitioner, Angel Channel, Author of 5 books and 2 audios, Co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Vol I, and owner of Where Miracles Happen Healing Center in Woodstock, GA. Carolyn has dedicated her life to helping individuals step into their own power and accept their brilliance so they can create the life they truly want and deserve. For more information or to view her books, visit drcarolynporter.com or wheremiracleshappen.com.