If you are living in a facility provided Housing Development Board (HDB) Singapore, either you park your cars in a Car Park or in a multi-level parking facility. You will be pleased to park your car in a facility provided by the HDB Singapore; smart lighting system plays a major role in such parking areas. The fact is that the car park smart lighting Singapore has 2 basic goals to meet.

  • Ensure the safety of the people using the car park
  • Improve the visibility of Signboards
  • And cost cutting on lighting.

Yes the 3rd goal is the most important role a smart lighting play in such facilities. Smart lighting systems such as AgilLiteS are economical and it lasts for a longer period of time. Now smart lighting systems can meet various needs and wants in car parking areas.

Objectives of Smart Lighting

1. Enhanced User Safety with Smart Lighting

In Singapore car parking facilities, users must be able to see all the signboards, direction indicators, people as well as directions across the parking lot. Optimum visibility can reduce the risk of accidents as well as improve the safety of users.

To fulfill these goals a car park in HDB Singapore must have;

  • Smart Lighting fixtures that are distributed evenly across the car park.
  • Lights can illuminate horizontally and vertically as well
  • Ensure the intensity of elevated lights
  • Guarantee instant illumination to avoid waiting time

A smart and well-proportioned blend of the vertical and horizontal smart lighting system is best. The horizontal lighting ensures desired consistency and heightened the visibility of the object, while the vertical lighting reduces dark spaces and ensures the best possible visibility.

Moreover, the selected lighting must operate during a power failure. It is also suggested to install a safety compliant backup system.

Facilitate User Orientation

Signage and exits points must be visible and identified explicitly. Colored lights help delineate particular zones across the parking lot.

Recommended For Smart Lighting Singapore

Primarily, these spaces required to be lit with an IP code of 60 plus set in pollution and waterproof insulated boxes which protects these lights and their parts from insects, dust, rainfall, humidity and other externalities. Also, make sure to examine the amount of lumen per square foot it provides. The recommended average lumen is more than 20,000 lumens each at 15 to 20 feet high with a space about 20 feet between 2 adjacent lighting poles.

Sturdy and long-lasting smart lights are in demand in such parking lots as they are sufficiently resilient to withstand the climatic uncertainties. It is essential that smart lights be kept cleaned and well maintained regularly to avoid the loss of light because of the dust.

Some Lights on Lighting Cost Reduction through AgilLiteS Smart Lighting System

In Singapore, Smart Lighting systems are provided by only few companies. AgilLiteS is one of the reliable one. Smart lighting system provides help in significant cost and energy saving by providing the needed amount of light, and only when it is needed. To keep it short and straightforward, appropriate lighting in indoor and outdoor car park especially in HDB Singapore, smart lighting must be economical, efficient and durable.

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Misty Jhones