We know that marriage is not going to be like it was when we are dating. Everything seems heightened during the courting phase of the relationship. We are so in tune with each other and the level of fascination about the other person never stops growing.

We want to know what they are doing, when and why. And the other person has no problem sharing that information. As matter of fact they absolutely love it.

And of course each one wants to be in the other's presence as much as possible. Missing those moments can leave you with an empty feeling so the two of you vow to make those times few and far between. It can be quite sappy but that's romance.

Marriage teaches you the importance of giving each other space. Having a place to retreat to and a partner who understands and respects that is essential as long as you continue to come together and share.

But something is wrong and you know it. That balance is completely out of alignment. Now your spouse wants to spend more and more time by themselves or at least that is the appearance they give.

Where as before the two of you could take something simple like going to the store and turn it into a wonderful romantic experience has now turned into your spouse wanting to go by themselves. And it is not just the store. They want to go to most places alone. Even when you offer to tag along they make some excuse as to why you cannot go this time around. It seems to you to be more and more frequent.

It could mean that they are trying to work out some things in their life. That's all well and good but if they are then it stands the reason they should be looking to you for help in sorting these things out.

But it takes time to have an affair and if your spouse is deciding to take more solo flights that may be an indicator they are looking to make that time.

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