It was roughly three years ago when a former Senator announced that he would make another run for the Presidency of the United States. It was also around that time that he made a confession to his wife that turned her world upside down.

The former Senator admitted to having an affair but assured his spouse that it was just a one time thing. Both parties made the decision to keep the infidelity hush-hush. As later events proved that was going to be a lot easier said than done. Not only did the story break wide open two years later but he had to admit that he had lied to his wife. The affair was not a one night stand and he confessed to being the father of his mistresses' baby.

It maybe a little unusual to tell your wife spouse that you have been unfaithful and then the two of you work to keep it a secret but that is exactly what happened in this situation.

Normally the concealment is between the philandering spouse and the other person. But your spouse acting in a secretive manner is a good tip off to what may be going on. It could be in the way they take phone calls now. Previously they talked right in front of you. Now they find a reason to excuse themselves and go off someplace private. When you ask them what's up they give a non committal answer or just lie outright. You want to believe them but their body language and facial expressions make that impossible.

There are many other ways they try to hide what is going on. The funny part is the more they go out of their way to hide the affair the more revealing their actions become.

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