There's a song from back in the day that says, "When you are trying to love two. It sure ain't easy to do." That maybe true but it does not stop countless cheating spouses from giving it the old college try.

In the beginning they may be quite successful at it. They tell themselves that it is no problem to balance their marriage with the extramarital affair. They may even decide to devote a little more time and attention to their marriage so as to give the impression that things just keep getting better at home.

The spouse may not even realize what is going on. They are just grateful for the extra attention and the way their partner is helping out around the home more than usual.

Then somewhere along the way it happens. They slowly start getting pulled in two different directions. The duties of home life and the responsibilities of maintaining their affair start to take a toll.

Which path they choose is entirely up to the individual but if they try to do both one of the relationships are going to suffer.

It does not always wind up being the marriage that gets the worst of it but often that is exactly what happens. For the extramarital affair is where the excitement and adventure are. The home life represents the routine.

Therefore if your intuition is telling you something is not quite right with your spouse than pay special notice to how they handle the activities around the house.

Many a cheating spouse will just lose interest. They could care less about family outings or the tasks around the home which they are neglecting. Their interaction with you gets reduced to the bare minimum. You also start to feel a wall of resentment going up and you are not really sure why.

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