In 1946 a radio show broke new ground in its handling of the marriage relationship. It was called appropriately enough The Bickersons. Francis Langford and Don Ameche starred as a couple whose banter was rough even by today's standards. The program inspired more than a few shows that went on to become classics like The Honeymooners and Married With Children.

It gets played for laughs in our entertainment media and in reality sometimes an argument every now and then can strengthen a marriage. However a steady diet of it along with nagging can undermine and eventually destroy the relationship if the couple is not careful.

You and your significant other may have experienced your share but now it seems to happening a lot more frequently with your spouse usually the one gets the ball rolling. Now everything you do from your appearance to the way talk never seems good enough anymore.

You want to write it off to stress. That's understandable. The pressure of raising a family and surviving these economic times is causing more than a few marriages to turn rocky.

But you get the sense that there are other factors at work and you may be right. One of the signs of a cheating spouse is the nagging and argument levels increase sometimes dramatically. The reason is that consciously or not the cheating spouse is comparing you to the other person. As their attitude reveals you are coming up short.

They are in that phase where the third party can do no wrong. Everything is wonderful. Every time the two of them are together it is magic. And then suddenly they come home to you. They resent the reality you are forcing them to live. It is not like you are the one running around breaking the marriage vows. They know that but from where they sit you are the one who stands in the way of their happiness. So it's only "poetic justice" that you get grief for your actions.

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