Boys night out or girls night out is one of the rituals of married life. It's billed as a necessity to give yourself and your spouse breathing room. And if done right in all honesty it can be a great benefit. Being married does not mean you should give up your social circle to always be in your significant other's presence. While in the beginning of the courting that sounds all well and good it can get old real quick during the course of a marriage.

To a certain extent both sides should encourage it as long as it is understood that there needs to be balance. Going out with your peoples all the time for whatever reason is a recipe for trouble within the relationship. It can also cause trouble by serving as an excuse for a cheating spouse. Having that night out on a regular basis is great cover to carry on an extramarital affair.

One it gets you used to the routine of them going out. It does not have to be excessive to the point it could cause you to get suspicious. Just a steady diet of it can do the trick. For example if some night they decide not to go out you wonder why. You may even encourage them to do so. Number two is your significant other has the perfect alibi. Namely people that they are supposedly hanging out with are running interference so you never suspect a thing. They can provide the time and place and maybe a few amusing anecdotes to get you to believe that your spouse was right there with them.

They may like you and consider you a friend but they have known and like your spouse for a longer period of time. Therefore if it comes down to choosing between you and them, you lose. Hopefully they are right where they say they will be but a cheating spouse will use anyone and every excuse to keep that date with the other person.

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