With more than a few cheating spouses the reason given for their philandering is that the marriage had stopped working or the two them had fallen out of love. Others believe monogamy is unrealistic and society should not be allowed to dictate our actions.

Then there is one that in many ways makes less sense than all the others combined. They just wanted to see what it would be like. Curiosity finally got the better of them. Unfortunately it is the significant other who is directly affected by this action.

The spouse who has an extramarital affair knows before going in the consequences if they get caught. It will devastate their significant other and in effect destroy the marriage or at the very least put it on the path to do so. If there are children it could potentially scar them emotionally. They also risk the scorn of friends and family. We might live in more tolerant times but infidelity can still have those kinds of effects..

All this does not matter to the cheating spouse. They were put in a certain compromising situation through no fault of their own (or so they tell themselves) and forces outside of their control made them do it. They were just overpowered by an urge to find out what it would be like with someone other than their spouse.

Before long justifying the infidelity gets a lot easier. They are not love anymore, their significant other does not understand them, the person they are having an affair with is unlike anyone they have ever met. For a whole lot of cheating spouses once it reaches that point there is no turning back.

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