Each well-designed space has a story to tell, a story embedded in the walls, a tale that talks aloud about its originators. These stories are crafted by the combined intricate work of Architects and Interior Designers. But today we are going to talk about career options, and understand which is better while seeing the future demands. So, let’s jump this field deeper for seeing which career is better between the Architecture and Interior Designing.

Let’s Know About an Architect

An architect is responsible for planning and executing a perfectly balanced building plan for empty spaces. In short, they create new, creative, colorful spaces by designing, reviewing, and overseeing the construction of buildings and houses. The Architect plans the basic structure of a place like kitchens, rooms, dining area, official spaces, cafeteria area, etc.

Let’s Understand Who an Interior Designer Is…

Once the building has been done with the construction phase, then comes the role of an Interior Designer. S/he is responsible for accessorizing and furnishing all the empty spaces within the building. The name of the profile exactly describes what these professionals do; they design the interiors of a home or an office.

Architecture Vs Interior Designing

Let us see the difference between the two career options to understand which field is better.

Designing –
Architects are engaged in designing buildings in empty spaces. They create the walls, floors, and the overall sitemap of the empty space.

An Interior Designer is involved in designing the empty spaces in the building developed by the Architects. This may include furniture placements, fixtures, and other accessories as per client’s requirement.

Training –
An architect’s training is in creating a structural plan for buildings that meets local, state, and national codes.

The interior design degree course includes creating a functional interior environment for making it more convenient with needed beatification.

Focus Area –
Architecture demands more focus on exterior conditions like material, form, climate, ventilation, flooring, lighting, etc.

Interior design courses focus more on human psychology and emotional conditions for a carefree, relaxing space.

Eligibility Criteria for Admissions –

To become an architect, you need to pass 10+2 in science stream with minimum 50% marks and compulsory math subject. You also need to clear the entrance examination before joining an architecture course and opt for college as per the merit list.

You can become an Interior Designer simply by doing the diploma course after your 10th exams irrespective of the results. It is a creative field, and that makes it an individual subject that doesn’t require any specific prior education. You can choose any one among the diploma and degree courses offered by the Interior Design Colleges as per your requirement to become a successful designer.

Which Career Option Is Better?

The architecture field gives you a strong technical background, wherein you can work in a number of leading construction firms with a handsome salary. The interior designing field opens you a number of creative options of working in a number of industries. You also have an option of starting your own firm (a reason why most of the architecture students are opting for an interior design degree course later in their career).

Both career options have their own perks and downsides. So, ultimately everything boils down to your interests and skills.

Where do you fit better? Is it the creative Interior Designing profile or the technical Architectural department? If you have the skills to make an impression in the Interior Designing grounds, then we are all helping to strengthen your knowledge and creativity. Contact us at INIFD Pune Institute today itself to know more about the Interior design courses we offer.

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