In the era of IOT Enabled devices,nowadays most of the things are easy to acccess from the cloud,to store data on cloud,to manage data in cloud.Due to increasing on demand availability of computer resources ,practical implementation of IoT Cloud platform training is required.
hIoTron provides an End-To-End training on IoT Cloud Platforms.This training will help you to learn about cloud platforms and how they are useful to manage industrial IoT Applications.
As cloud computing network elements need not require to be handled individually and managed,make this network worthy for an IoT Services.

Cloud Deployment models

Private cloud:clouds are limited only to the single organization.It may increase hardware cost if we used own cloud system module.

Public cloud: Clouds are available for many organizations.The largest public cloud is Amazon AWS.Since this model can be accessed by anyone some risk factors are there .

Hybrid cloud: Which is a combination of both clouds.Public and Hybrid clouds minimize the IT Infrastructure cost.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing:
1.User can easily access their own cloud based applications from anywhere ,just you need a device which can connect to internet.
2.Cloud takes less time to implement rather than other application development takes.
3.It reduces IT infrastructure cost .
4.Data security is an important feature of cloud.

IoT Cloud Platforms

As we know this platform is developed by Amazon.It's easy to start with AWS IoT,as it makes connection between devices and cloud securely with interaction in between.
It collect and analyzes data to make things smart.Http and MQTT protocol is used mostly for communication purpose.
This features make AWS IoT as a first priority of Developers.

Xively is owned by google.It provides a way to connect products and to integrate data into another systems.It mainly based on messaging protocol MQTT.

This Platform is for rapid development of connected devices.Thing-Worx will assist you that how to connect the data and analyze it, how to manage development of industrial IoT Applications in one centralized place.

Microsoft Azure:
This is developed by microsoft to build,test and manage industrial applications.It is one of the most important cloud service developed by microsoft.
Microsoft Azure is an one of the expanding cloud service that will help to meet business challenges,as it supports multiple languages,tools etc.
Get Detailed information on Microsoft Azure Architecture and its working functions to build an IoT project.(

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