How do you feel after chatting with your co-workers on the job? Are you upbeat, motivated, and inspired? Or are you tired, drained, and feeling unbalanced? Most people are not aware of how the interactions they have with others affects their energy, mood, and job performance. They wonder why they feel aggressive or dejected after speaking with certain people. How you chose to handle relationships with your colleagues has a large effect on your personal thoughts, feelings, and actions, which ultimately determine your professional growth at a company.

If you desire to get a promotion, a raise, or just have a great working environment your interactions with co-workers will play a part in the results you achieve. My clients have said that having a career coach to talk things through and strategize with has been invaluable. What change would you like to see in your career? Regardless of what your goals are, dealing with challenging colleagues is a reality. Many people let the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others affect them and drain their energy. Maintaining your peace of mind and sense of calm is important to achieving optimal performance.

1. Limit your time- Once you find that you’re feeling drained or tired after interacting with certain co-workers, the first thing to do is start limiting your time with those people. This might be difficult if you work in close, physical proximity or on a team with the person who is negative. If this is the case, simply decrease your amount of communication with them. There isn’t any need to be rude or mean but prioritizing yourself and well-being will be helpful for your career.

2. Put Boundaries in place- In today’s digital world, interruptions have become a way of life. It’s not uncommon to experience: social media updates coming in by the second, constant emails, text messages, phone calls, and colleagues dropping by just to chat. This can consume your time! Reclaim your focus by establishing clear boundaries for interruptions while you are working. To eliminate in-person distractions, get one of those reversible “Do not disturb – Come in” signs or use ear phones to signal that you don’t want to be bothered.

3. Create a relaxing environment- Do you know what your ideal working environment is? Are you happier when it’s warm and cozy or cool in your office space? Your surroundings play a big part in your mood and willingness to follow through. Try scheduling brainstorming sessions in the best environment for you and listen to calming music. This helps you focus on the task at hand, and feel your best.

4. Release Negativity- When you release people, associations, and environments that are not serving you, this frees you up to move forward in numerous ways. Many people are able to focus on the things they really want by eliminating distractions, drama, and negativity. This can help you take action faster and improve in areas where you want to excel. Letting go creates space for new, better things to come into your life. What do you need to let go of to get ready for the success you want?

5. Focus on what’s important- Career coaching can help you identify your triggers, manage your responses, and increase your effectiveness, even when you are feeling overwhelmed. Focusing your energy is vital if you feel things spinning out of control. This involves channeling your thoughts in one, positive direction, being calm, and consciously considering your priorities. When you are relaxed, the odds of achieving your career goals increases dramatically.

If challenging co-workers are affecting how you feel on the job, then it’s time for you to focus on yourself and maintaining your peace of mind. While limiting the time you spend with draining people and putting boundaries in place are a good start, it’s most important for you to think about the things you can control. Releasing negativity, focusing on what’s important, and having a relaxing environment will put you in a position to create lasting success.

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Fly High Coaching: and the Millennial Performance Institute.

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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