There are some habits that get in the way of our taking our next steps and achieving our goal. This article addresses three common limiting habits: negative self-talk, fear, and disbelief and suggests alternative behaviors that are more supportive of the success you desire.

Negative self-talk: For whatever reason, many people try to motivate themselves through being critical and negative. Some people already are familiar with these critical voices, but for others they are still hidden and need to be recognized. Regardless, if you have been resisting a change that your really know is best for you, chances are you are engaging in some type of negative self talk.

Fear: Inevitably when people are attempting to change their lives they hit a wall of fear. When asked about it, they say things like: I am afraid that I will be alone for the rest of my life, or what I want comes at too high of a price. Remember fear is a normal response to change. Instead of thinking that fear is a sign that you are doing something wrong try finding ways of acknowledging your fears and persisting in the face of them.

Disbelief: I am sure that you have heard the expression that success is a habit. Well it is accurate. Some of us were fortunate enough to learn the habit as we grew up, some of us learned it but only in certain areas of our live, and some of us did not get the information we needed to thrive. But success, in whatever way you see it, does not need to be elusive anymore. With the right information and the right support, you can have the live you have most deeply wanted.

Try the following behaviors as a substitution for these limiting habits:

1. Reward yourself for your daily accomplishments rather than beat
yourself up for where you have fallen short of your goals.

2. Be more objective with your criticism. Pretend that you are
giving advice to a dear friend.

3. Look for the positive. If voices, inside or outside, are telling you your dream is not possible, look for people or situations that prove that wrong.

4. Gather support. You do not have to do it alone. Find the people in
your life who are able to be supportive of you and your goal and tell
them how you are feeling.

5. Take small steps. Make your next action so easy that even your strongest limiting habits can’t stop you.

In the end, it is better to taker a closer look at your limiting habits rather than to try and push them away. Your negative thoughts and feelings are powerful doorways to deeply understanding yourself and developing compassion. When done in a healthy way, paying attention to your limiting habits can be a key to your transformation.

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