A new type of hobby that is gaining in popularity these days is the collection of model aircraft based on commercial airlines (Airliners). These are usually molded models of commercial aircraft such as Pan Am, Eastern, Delta, American, and others.

The latest models are very well made, and because they are coated and do not use badges, the quality is very high. There are three metrics that have become more popular for these models: 1: 200, 1: 400 and 1: 500. What this means, for example, is that a scale at 1: 200 is 200 times smaller than the original level, but maintains all proportions exactly.

1: 200 scale

This scale is relatively new, and is currently provided by companies such as Gemini Jets, Hogan, Herpa Wings, Phoenix, Skymarks, Aviation 200 and Inflight. The details on these models are great. They usually have rotating wheels, and some have rotating fans inside the engine. It's a little expensive, but it's the most beautiful of the three.

1: 400 scale

This metric has been around for some time. It is currently provided by companies such as Gemini Jets, Dragon Wings, Aeroclassics, Phoenix, Herpa Wings, JC Wings and Jet-X. The two most dominant companies in this range are Gemini Jets and Dragon Wings. They have most models available. These models are also very detailed, about half the price compared to a scale of 1: 200. Marine decals

1: 500 scale

Herpa Wings dominated this standard, but other companies like Aeroclassics and Starjets have recently introduced models. Details are good, but not good compared to the other two scales. Two years ago, Herpa increased the quality and detail of their models, which now made them first class.

Where do I buy

You usually have to purchase these forms via mail, the Internet, or eBay. Very few hobby shops carry stocks on these models. One way to collect these planes is by flying liver. The airline will change its liver (colors and logos) throughout its life. For example, United Airlines has changed her costume four times since it began flying.

There could be another type of aircraft or aircraft that have disappeared. For example, Eastern, TWA, Concorde, etc.

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