Do you ever feel like what you want, or what you are struggling with, is well, not really worthy or important or spiritual enough? This morning I was thinking about the advanced state of awareness that manifesting your dreams truly requires. It is not merely about wanting more, better, bigger “stuff.” It demands, at a minimum, that we take notice of, and responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions as we recognize they are creating our vibration and thus, a matching reality.

At the most advanced level of empowered manifestation, we must drop our smallness, and claim our place at the table of the Co-Creator Beings of Light whose roles are to manage and sustain this “play of consciousness” we call our world. For many this is a tremendous paradigm shift that is difficult to swallow, and can block your ability to take the quantum leap into co-creative mastery.

Not every spiritual teacher would agree with me. Years ago I was sharing with a mutual friend and advanced spiritual teacher my work with the Rays of Creation and manifesting. He seemed troubled by the very thought, as he believed it was not “spiritual” to want anything, rather he “desired” a state of “desirelessness.’

He alluded that all this “new-age manifesting craze” was more hype and represented a spiritual selling out to the more material worldy desires. He continued in this vein, “The very nature of the ego mind is to want more and more and never be satisfied, so I don’t really want anything. I just want to accept what is and go with the flow.”

While I totally understood this from a “conquering the ego-mind” teaching and wanting to be free of the endless mind-chatter of “desires”–after all we lived in the same spiritual community for many years—I truly didn’t believe this way any longer. What is more, it actually felt like a form of “spiritual cop-out”, a decision to stay on the sidelines and remove oneself from the heightened awareness and concurrent responsibilities of claiming our co-creative power.

For me, there is a higher spiritual “calling” at issue here. It is about claiming our divine qualities fully, without reservation, which include the ability to co-create our universe using our God-given imaginations to out-picture images and visions and to trust our heart’s desires, or feelings, knowing that everything is energy, and in the quantum field of all possibilities, what you think expands. I believe we were all “seeded” from a Soul level with these heart-dreams and we are called to co-create them, not just to improve our own lives, or have more stuff, but to truly and collectively manifest our own version of Heaven on Earth.

This is not merely daydreaming; it involves a very advanced, mature view of Self. We may begin the path of awakening as the child, always wanting more guidance, more approval, more blessings, from the “Spiritual Parents” (teachers, gurus, priests, God), but hopefully we graduate, and see ourselves as partners in the divine play, sitting at the table of Life, recognizing our inherent co-creative nature as spiritual beings with the ability to truly impact our human experience, on every level.

When we come together with this elevated awareness, even a small gathering of conscious co-creators has the ability to influence the course of human evolution. I see this each time I teach live; at first perhaps the members are looking to solve the challenges in their own lives. But then the group consciousness expands the individual capacities and massive transformational shifts occur. Often the entire room fills with light that is visible to most students; spiritual connections are more easily accessible and many have direct connection, both visible and audible, with ascended masters and the archangelic realms; physical sensations of tingling and bliss abound. And the impact continues at home; while not even focusing on her marriage, one woman reported her 20 year relationship was totally transformed (even though her husband had not attended). The ripple effect of collective conscious co-creation is far-reaching.

Now, no desire is too small or “un-spiritual” to me. As we practice on our own lives, manifesting more abundance, happier relationships, more fulfilling work, I see it all as perfect part of the grand unfolding divine plan for us to experience ourselves first, as the co-creative students, and eventually, as the Manifesting Masters we came to the world of form to be. When we do this in community, our collective power to effect great change and do enormous good multiplies exponentially. Far from a spiritual selling out, it seems to me the highest calling.

It brings to mind the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead’s famous statement, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” And starting with what we want most, and are most challenged by, on any level, seems to me the logical, and truly the most spiritually authentic place to begin.

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Energy Alchemist. Empathic Intuitive. Animal Mystic. Master Healer. EarthKeeper. Divine Wisdom channel. One internationally recognized spiritual mentor exclaimed "Kumari's purpose is to Teach the Teachers Mastery; her Meditation Master described her extraordinary healing abilities as a "Golden Gift".

Kumari lives in a world where communicating directly with Spirit realms, animals and all of nature is the norm. Her deepest joy is empowering others to experience that all of Creation is Conscious. She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that anyone can awaken to this magical remembrance. Kumari holds a powerful energetic presence where distortions of who we are not vanish, healing and wholing shifts occur naturally, and the Mystery of Life unveils.