What next after the ACT? You might be wondering about what to do after you’ve taken this test. Questions such as “what college should I enroll in?”, “what program shall I take?” and “how do I apply for a scholarship?”, among others, could befuddle you. The ACT, Inc. body understands these quandaries of their test takers, that’s why they launched the ACT Profile.

What is the ACT Profile? It is an online college and career planning tool that students can use for free. So if you’re asking “What should I do?” when it comes to planning for your college education and career, the best app to turn to is the ACT Profile.

How Does The ACT Profile Work?

The ACT Profile is smart. It has taken a record of your abilities, interests and values and has been programmed to accord these details with the most suitable majors in college and professions. This tool works in tandem with credible private and government resources. The creators of ACT Profile have designed this app to provide their users with up-to-date and high quality information as they try to figure out the college majors and careers that they excel at and should take. The ACT Profile is the one amazing program that has changed the way students make their choices and plans for their immediate and far future.

One of the rewarding features of this tool is that it allows students to interact with their teachers and peers. Being able to conveniently and systematically communicate, these individuals can share resources and plan for activities, working together to ascertain their college education and careers later on.

How To Sign Up And Design Your Account

When you sign up for an ACT Profile account, you can use it permanently and for the long-term. You can design your account to be attractive by uploading photos and videos that showcase your strengths and abilities. You can even create an online portfolio and feature it there. To make your account more viable and interesting, you can additionally utilize an app called Pathbright. Via this tool, you can share your credentials and portfolios to a wider audience, including prospective employers.

The ACT Profile account is not only limited to students and teachers. Parents and counselors can register as well. How do you sign up for an ACT Profile account? Simply go to actprofile.org and create an account using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Designing your profile would require you to answer self-assessments that will evaluate and highlight your interests, abilities and unique values. As you go along with using this app, you’ll be able to access interactive maps for your major and career. In the ACT Profile, you can get hold of an extensive list of careers, including information about their tasks, trainings and salaries, etc.

Amazing Features Of This App

Recently, the creators of ACT Profile have added another feature called the “expanded counselor”. This aspect is designed to be used by counselors – for them to avail of easier opportunities to reach out to students. Using this feature, counselors can better access the insights and selections of their learners so that they can guide them in planning for their college education and future careers.

Through ACT Profile, counselors, teachers, parents, school administrators and employers can better work with students so that their plans and aspirations become reachable and a satisfying reality.

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