September is approaching, there is a lot to think about during the course of this month. If you live in or plan to be in a college dorm, your college dorm essentials may be the most important thing on your mind. There is one essential that really is the most important of all. I'm not debunking the rest of your dorm room checklist; I am simply setting a priority. Personal safety and dormitory security, and that also applies to off-campus housing, should be the top priority. Think how much it would ruin your life experience at school if you were to suffer a break-in, assault, robbery, or worse yet, a sexual assault.

The CDC, Center for Disease Control, has reported that 20% to 25% of women in college will experience an attempt or a complete rape during their college years. This is a large scary number, but it doesn't mean you need to be scared. Being aware of what you can do to protect yourself and even avoid a bad situation is the best way to ensure that you are not a victim. This college dorm essentials kit is called the Extreme College Survival Kit because it has the information and certain self-defense tools that can really make a difference when it comes to surviving these extreme circumstances. , which contains these Safety Reports, College Violation Report, College and Campus Safety Tips, How to Protect Your Dorm or Apartment, Roommates, Safe Dating, and even Helpful Information for Parents. Remember that knowledge is power, therefore the more knowledge you have, the more power you will have over your situation.

Some other college dorm essentials in the kit are what's known as personal security and self defense tools; This includes an electronic whistle, a very loud one, to draw attention to your situation. Most attackers will flee when this sounds, because everyone in the vicinity will want to know what the noise is. For those who don't freak out, there are several different pepper sprays, so you can always keep one on hand. Pepper spray is a very effective personal protection product. It will stop even the biggest and strongest attacker, affecting their breathing and vision. You have plenty of time to get away from them, but remember to run away and call the police as soon as you use it. The effects wear off after a while and the sprayed person will feel good again so you don't even have to feel guilty about hurting someone.

There are also some other alarms that will be used to secure your bedroom or apartment. A motion detection alarm that will make a lot of noise if someone breaks into your place, a doorstop alarm that allows you to keep the door open a bit but will prevent the door from opening and will set off an alarm when the door is pressed Against . There's also the nap alarm, a device that wakes you up when your head starts to nod. It is designed to prevent a driver from falling asleep behind the wheel, but it will also work well when you fall asleep at your desk. Another security item in this college dorm essentials kit is the book safe, it looks like a real book, just remember to take off the promotional dust jacket so it doesn't say "book safe" on the spine. It is not a safe in the usual sense, but it will allow you to hide some of your valuables. There is even a flashlight that you can stick to the back of your cell phone so you are never left in the dark.

Much research went into deciding what was included in this College Dorm Essentials Kit. By keeping yourself safe from harm and also keeping your belongings safe, you can spend a lot more time enjoying your time living in a dorm and your other college dorm essentials. You can even enjoy learning much more without certain worries on your mind,

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There are also some other alarms that will be used to secure your bedroom or apartment.