The whole point of a color personality test is to measure your personality. By doing something as straightforward as picking your favorite colors, it is possible to actually determine not only your present state of emotions, but so much more. For instance, a color personality test is said to be able to detect even the future behaviors that you will exhibit. All it takes is picking your favorite color.

If you think that a color personality test is all hype or just scientifically unreliable, it may serve you well to consider thinking again. It is a growing trend among corporations, colleges and even schools to give specific weight to the meanings of color tests more than ever. It is getting more common, too, for these institutions to make some of the most important decisions of their professional and academic existence based on color personality tests.

The color personality test began in the 1940s with a man called Max Luscher. He was able to verify that some colors acted on a person’s emotions in a different way than others. Through a simple turning around of this reasoning, he was also capable of claiming that varying colors really stood for various kinds of behaviors. Thus, the pick of a color can be interpreted to stand for your actual emotional state. Then in 1978, a man named Don Lowry suggested that there were four fundamental color personalities. Those were orange, green, gold and blue.

Now, psychologists have weighed in on the phenomena of associating different moods with different colors. There is already a consensus of sorts among these professionals that varying colors have varying effects on different folks, all depending on their past memories.

Various color personality tests utilize differing color sets. They even have differences with regard to the quantity of colors. For example, the color orange is connected with power, strength and energy. If someone picks orange, it indicates that they are in love with winning and like to fight. A color personality test will term you as something of an energetic motivator.

If you choose gold, it means you are an organized individual. Other attributes the color personality test will affix to you are responsibility, loyalty, service, orderliness, performance and stability. It also means that you desire an atmosphere that is peaceful.

Green is connected with resistance, decisiveness and persistence. In other words, a color personality test will evaluate you as being assertive. When it comes to making a decision, this kind of person disregards feelings and centers more on the available information before him or her. People who choose the color green are seen as appropriate to hold positions in accounting, auditing, researching and science.

The color blue is associated with feelings of calm. A color personality thinks that a person who chooses blue is creative, harmonious and well-balanced. A person with this color personality tends to circumvent having conflicting opinions.

A red color is associated with competitiveness, strength and enthusiasm. Other attributes associated with this color are good communication and talking well with other people.

The color personality test can be used to glean all sorts of interesting information from you. It is vital to know what each color means since companies and universities use these tests to make decisions about workers and applicants.

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