(All the names of clients have been altered in this blog post.)

It is my observation that the applications of hypnosis are only limited to what a person wants to be limited to. The religious, cultural and personal beliefs play a big role in our daily life as well as in hypnotic state, which is more expereiential, but how one interprets the experience is still subjected to beliefs.

Hypnotic state is such a cool state that one of the most heard questions after a person is emerged is, “Is this real?”

Real - compared to what?
1. Sally

Sally is a seasoned marriage counsellor and she wanted to experience Past Lives and Life Between Lives even though she doubted if she could ever be “hypnotized”.

The first session, we went to when she was 2 years old. There was an event that her subconscious mind concluded that we needed to look at before we moved on. There were a lot of tears… During the regression, I felt a loving presence, as if the room suddenly was lightened up. Upon emerging, Sally asked me, “Did you press your palm on the side of my head like this?” I said no. I occasionally tapped on your forehead and that’s it. She was bewildered, swearing she felt a gentle press on the side of the head, “just like this,” she showed me.

I had to tell her I felt a presence in the room at one particular moment, a male energy. She sudddenly started to cry, “I know! I should know! I really should know! It’s my father. My father’s touch on my head! ” She then told me her father actually passed away 7 years ago.

Sally is in her fifties. When she booked her appointment, she wrote, “I’m falling into an awareness that has alluded me my whole life. I KNEW it was there, I just couldn’t get a grasp on it. I’m reaching for it now because I simply feel I’m supposed to and I know it lies in exploring my past lives and life between lives…” Yet this beautiful writing is so different from what she was taught (what everyone is taught) to believe. Now she’s sitting there, trying desperately for me to believe it was really her father — Even though I had no problem “believing” it, as I always belive whatever a person believes is a true experience for that person. She was obviously having a hard time convincing herself. A very typical example of what one THINKS/BELIEVES is contrary to what one KNOWS.

As a time-space travelling hypnotherapist, I see everything REAL as an experience. There is no physical reality except our experience of it. So, asking “is it real?” you have to have a reference point, which is already made up.
2. Daisy

When Daisy booked her session with me, she was still in devastation. Her 20-year-old nephew just passed away owing to drug overdose. She last saw him during a family dinner a few weeks earlier, but she just couldn’t remember the conversation she had with him. For this particular memory recall, she wanted to have a hypnosis session.

In hypnosis, not only did the conversation with her nephew by the dinner table flow freely, but she was able to contact his spirit “in real time”. I brought her to a Garden of Peace, where she met with the spirit of her nephew, and had a renewed conversation… The eperience seemed so meaningful for her that I taught her how to do self-hypnosis to go back to the Garden of Peace and call upon the spirit of her nephew anytime she wishes to. A year later, she told me, “I’m still visiting that garden from time to time.”
3. Jamie

Jamie is one of those rare extremely quiet client. She wouldn’t utter a single unnecessary word, yet she was also one of those rare clients who are completely ready for the process.

Referred by another client of mine, Jamie bought her three Sacred Contact sessions online. The intake was extremely short, and she readily dropped into hypnosis even though she claimed “never been hypnotized before”. We visited three past lives and it came clear about the life-theme and soul-purpose: Follow the heart’s calling and pursue the heart’s desire, which is, in her own words in hypnosis, “to become a lawyer and not let the imposed barriers stop me”.

When Jamie came for the second session, she told me her mother passed away 10 years before of cancer, a fact so important that I was surprised I didn’t get it during the intake session. Very soon it occurred to me that still grieving for her mother and some unfinished family business were the main motivations for her to see me.

Half of the session went totally non-verbal. Jamie’s unconscious mind, as well as conscious mind, preferred to meet her mother’s spirit in privacy. I was sitting there with her, observing. Jamie went so deep and her body so still that I wondered if that’s what death would look like.

Not willing to waste a single word unnecessary, Jamie certainly has the traits for a lawyer. The second session went almost non-content for me, but upon her return for her third session, she reported that experience was profound and she has already contacted her brothers according to the information she received in hypnosis. “Now I’m ready to move on.”

Yes, I know Jamie is. In our third session, we see a future where she is happily married with two children, and equally importantly, she’s doing the work that fulfills her soul purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Kemila Zsange has done Past Life Regression for at least 500 years. It's her reason to be in hypnotherapy practice. She blends her professional training in Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapy with her own spiritual awareness and wisdom, together with her gentleness and compassion. Every session is unique and different. Your subconscious mind sets the agenda. She is the skillful guide for the fascinating inward journey.