Confidence is built by being systematic. Successful people are systemic thinkers. We are creatures of habit, and the key to building self confidence is to create routines and habits which work towards gaining self confidence. If you habitually do things which build your confidence then it is inevitable that your feelings of self worth and self esteem will grow at the same consistent pace. If, on the other hand, you were to approach your life in a less systemic and more random manner, the results achieved will reflect your approach.

Thus to build confidence in a solid and systemic manner, one needs to create habits which are designed to encourage greater and greater levels of self confidence and self esteem. If you habitually put yourself into arenas where you know you feel inferior, this is not going to help your confidence; rather, it will build the opposite effect, as each circumstance where you feel insecure makes you feel more and more out of place and uncomfortable.

You may wonder how you can get started in creating these confidence building habits. If you always feel uncomfortable, or always feel inferior, how can you start this process? How can you find a circumstance which allows you to gain that first feeling of confidence?

You find that first situation in your imagination. The human mind is an amazing tool. We are blessed with a powerful imagination. Those who worry about the "what if's" in life know only too well the incredibly intense impact that a vivid imagination can have upon your subsequent reality.

As you worry about "what if I blush?" a whole train of events is set in motion, ending of course with the inevitable cringingly uncomfortable blush which just appears from nowhere. "What if I freeze?" has a similar effect upon the would-be public speaker who just cannot think of a single word to say. These scenarios are but two examples of the effect of our powerful imagination when it is allowed free reign and not directed or focused in a more positive direction. These results are the effect of habitual thoughts. To change the effect, and build your confidence, you must inevitably change your thoughts and also the images which are running through your mind.

To build self confidence it is essential to start to think in an equally habitual and systemic manner; the only difference is that you have to deliberately choose the thoughts which you will think and deliberately imagine the outcome which you want to create - a super new you, turbo-charged with self confidence and self belief. This new you HAS to be created first in your imagination. You see what you expect to see; whatever you imagine you create. These are basic fundamentals in the way in which your mind impacts upon your reality.

To become more confident, you have to first imagine yourself more confident. The more vibrant your imaginings the more positive impact you will enjoy. Really see yourself as you want to be, full of inner confidence, charm, warmth and panache. Allow your imagination to enhance this image again and again so that you can really feel the effect that this powerful self confidence will have in your life. Hear the sound of your confident voice. As you make a habit of thinking about yourself in this way you are making a habit of boosting your self confidence, boosting your self esteem.

I said before that successful people are systemic thinkers. To be successful in building confidence, you need to systematically direct your mind and your imagination in the ways of true self belief. I also said before that your mind is amazingly powerful. Your mind does not know the difference between something which is real and something which is vividly imagined. As you imagine yourself as you want to be, with growing self belief, you are creating your own blueprint for self confidence and success.

It is also helpful to employ the unique talents of your subconscious mind in this process of boosting self confidence. When in hypnosis your subconscious mind comes to the fore. This part of your mind is the part where habits are stored and it is also naturally creative. Thus hypnosis provides you with two major advantages and an easy way to turbo-charge your acquisition of burgeoning self confidence. First you can entrain your new and positive, confidence building thoughts and imaginings within your subconscious mind, thereby making them habitual more quickly and more easily. And secondly, your imagination will become more vivid as the creativity of your subconscious mind is unleashed. The more vivid your imaginings, the more impact they will have.

You could also employ the powerful assistance of hypnosis in a systemic and habitual way simply by listening to a hypnosis confidence building download on a daily basis. Small steps when taken in this systematic fashion all focused in the same direction, lead very quickly to a powerful explosion of self-confidence. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to help you to build self confidence systematically and easily.

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