Kingdom purposes are accomplished through kingdom people. Kingdom people are those that God has chosen to be his workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) to bring forth good works which God prepared in advance for his people to do. This work is to accomplish His plan in the earth as He wills for each person. The people who are to do the work are called “Saints” (Romans 1:12).

Jesus Christ gives God's people the strategy and the practical principle on how to do God's work. He sent the disciples out two by two (Mark 6:7). In other words, God's work was accomplished through a saint-to-saint connection. The Bible teaches in the Old Testament that two are better than one and questions how can two walk together accept they agree? Another translation says how can two walk together unless they agree to go in the same direction. In a Saint-To-Saint connection there has to be an agreement between the Saints to connect.

There were some Saint-to-Saint connections in the Bible; Disciples were connected to Jesus, Barnabas and Saul (Paul) were connected, Timothy was connected to Paul, Philemon was connected to Paul who connected Onesismus to Philemon and Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke were all fellow workers with Paul.

Usually in a Saint-to-Saint connection one person is the mentor or teacher and the other is the student. A Saint-to-Saint connection is an intentional relationship where two or more people in the Body of Christ come together for kingdom and/or personal purpose with one serving as a wise and trusting teacher who imparts what he or she knows. This connection is more commonly known as Mentoring.

In a Saint-to-Saint connection for mentoring, there cannot be success until there is an adequate successor in place. The connection must be made with someone who knows more than you or who knows what it is you need to know. The blind cannot lead the blind. The student is never greater than the mentor. The student may do twice as much, but he or she will never be better than the mentor/teacher (Matthew 10:24).

There are some keys that will qualify you to be mentored:

1. Having a desire. You must have a teachable spirit and open to learning from someone who knows more than you.

2. Willingness to pay the price. You must be ready to cooperate without being forced to do something or learn something.

3. Willingness to be faithful, committed, and loyal to the connection. You must be devoted to the connection.

In addition, there are some beneficial factors of a Saint-to-Saint or Mentoring Connection:

1. Respect the mentor - There should be a feeling or attitude of admiration for the mentor. This is very important. If you don’t like the person, then you should not connect with the person.

2. Do not distract the mentor - Don’t take mentor’s attention away from what he or she is assigned to do in your life. Stay focused in the connection.

3. Value every teaching moment – When the mentor speaks you should listen. Don't let his or her words fall to the ground.

4. Mentor sets the terms of the relationship - The mentor determines the type of relationship, the length of the relationship, and the specific details of the relationship.

5. Relationship must be mutually beneficial - There must be a common and mutual return from the relationship. It is never a one-sided or I'll take all mindset. Both Saints benefit from the connection.

6. Always respect the mentor as the greater [smarter] – Intimidation is not an option! Disrespect is not an option!

Whenever you disconnect in the Saint-to-Saint connection you short circuit the divine purpose of the connection. The one who disconnects is the one who is left trying to operate without power. Stay connected!

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