Connecting to Your Divine Light: Introduction to the Chakras

Chakras are energetic gateways on the body that channel divine energy into the physical world. The energy that is expressed comes out in the form of human emotions. Each chakra has a specific emotion attached to it.

Emotions are the key to life. They are they ways each of us uniquely expresses the divine in our physical world. For example, the first chakra, seen on the chart as red, is our divine expression of community/family/Earth. If I prefer big cities and you prefer small towns we are both expressing our connection to our communities but in unique ways. I love the ocean and you love the forest. Again, the divine comes out but as an expression of your or my unique divinity.

Not only are emotions unique expressions of our divine selves but they are signals to us when we veer off course. When we are happy, content, relaxed, joyous, etc. we are allowing our own divine energy to flow through us and express fully. When we are hurt, angry, frustrated, fearful, etc. we close the gateway to this divine energy. If these darker emotions are practiced on a regular basis, they can become blocks in our energetic bodies which can eventually manifest in the physical body in the form of discomfort and/or illness.

Different cultures have different ways of charting the chakras. The number of chakras ranges from the Five Incan bands of Power to the contemporary Twelve Chakra System developed by Cyndi Dale.

When embarking on this journey of chakra self-discovery, it should be the goal to more fully encourage your divine, emotional expression NOT to “treat an illness.” It is always better to come from a positive frame of mind because the energetic system only functions well under positive conditions. There may be some areas where your energy can be expressed more fully but try to refrain from thinking of yourself as a “sick” person. KNOW that you are and always will be a healthy person whose energetic system is perhaps in need of a slight adjustment.

Dowsing, Reiki, and intuitive readings are just a few examples of the many ways evaluate the health of your energetic system. It is an exciting and rewarding process of self-growth that can inspire you to pursue a deeper and deeper connection to your own divine light.

Author's Bio: 

Founder and lead intuitive at the Westside Light Connection.

I am an emotional empath who has been able to read the body's subtle energies since I was a child. I can see where there are blocks in chakras, energy leaks, holes and tears in the aura, etc.

My mission is to aid people in their own expansion by pinpointing these blocks for them and to encourage them to be the divine channels of light that they already are.

This as a very important time. We must try to aid each other in our spiritual growth so that we can move forward into a bright future. I feel privileged to be able to provide this valuable service.